DIY ant control may be the first thing many homeowners turn to when an ant invasion appears, but this method of dealing with ants may not be the most effective. Ant pest control is the best method for eliminating ant infestations, especially ones running wild throughout your property.

What Type Of Ant Is This Inside My Home?

Learning the type of ant invading your home is an important first step toward eradicating infestations. The types of ants that you may commonly encounter around your home include:

These species can invade your home in large numbers, and sometimes it may be hard to tell them apart. Make sure to contact Innovative Pest Solutions for assistance in identifying ants around your home and developing ant control solutions.

What Will Happen If I Ignore An Ant Infestation?

Ant infestations can seem pretty harmless at first and are easy to be ignored, but ignoring an invasion of this pest is the last thing you want to do. Ant infestations will grow in size when left untreated, quickly taking over both exterior and interior areas; pheromones that ants leave behind as a trail to food and shelter only encourage this process. Once ants enter, they will cross over surfaces and infiltrate food storage areas, tracking bacteria and pathogens that increase your chances of illness.

Furthermore, as ants nest around your property, you risk accidentally stumbling across this pest and receiving bites. These bites can be painful or itchy and may even result in allergic reactions; fire ants are notorious for their aggressive and dangerous biting habits.

Other species, such as the carpenter ant, will invade internal wooden structures around your home, tunneling away to create their nests and leaving behind severe and costly destruction. Ant control in your house and yard is essential to defeat these problems.

Should I Buy Ant Control Products To Use Myself?

Effective ant control is something that all property owners should be investing in, especially if an ant infestation is starting to interfere with your daily life. However, indoor and outdoor ant control products that are store-bought or DIY-created are often much less than effective. These products don’t target the root source of your infestation and typically don’t remove ants from every hard-to-reach area where they can hide. They will leave you prone to ongoing ant problems and create a high risk of reinfestation around your property. It is a much better idea to let Innovative Pest Solutions take care of your ant problems, as this requires less of an investment of time, money, and stress.

Professional Ant Control Services For Your Home

For pest control ant treatment that you can count on, reach out to Innovative Pest Solutions at the first sign of ants invading your property. Our experienced team is ready to help you defeat any ant problems with the most reliable and effective ant control solutions. Each professional ant control service is perfectly tailored to your home’s needs and designed to help you eliminate ant infestations but also to help you prevent reoccurring ant problems.

Contact us today to learn more or get started protecting your home from ants.

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