Distress and destruction can be brought to your home by insects and creatures. They may ruin the foundations of your space or your personal effects inside. As if that weren’t upsetting enough, critters can put you at risk for illness or injury. Fleas are among the species that can make people sick. It’s difficult to successfully implement pest control protocols if you don’t know much about how these bugs operate.

Flea diseases are more common than folks realize. These insects can transmit or trigger conditions because they bite humans and animals. Obtaining and drinking blood for survival is their objective. Read this FAQ for pertinent details, including the best way to get rid of fleas. Innovative Pest Solutions can come to your aid.

Fleas: Facts and Identification

What Do Fleas Look Like?

Fleas are very small. At maximum, they’re 1/10 of an inch long. Their wingless, compressed bodies are reddish-brown. It appears that there is a sheen on their skin. 

Where Do Fleas Live Primarily?

If you or your pets encounter fleas, it will likely be in wooded or grassy areas. You should also be alert when around shady zones with sand and water like ponds and ditches. Don’t drop your guard on your lawn either. These insects may be beneath your patio, or by shrubs, rocks, and piles of organic debris. Once they use their hind legs to spring onto your clothes or the hairs of an animal, they are bound to get indoors.

How Do You Know When Fleas Have Infested Your Home?

Key signs of a flea infestation are:

You should seek professional pest assistance if you have these issues.

How Can Fleas Make People Sick?

With flea bites, you’ll probably have skin inflammation or allergic reaction. In severe cases, individuals have contracted typhus, tapeworms, or parasitic, bacterial illnesses. You have to make every effort not to scratch your bumps. Should you cut your skin and there’s germ exposure, you may develop a secondary bacterial infection. Overwhelming infestations are typically associated with anemia, as blood will be pulled at an alarming rate.

Do Fleas Die Without A Host?

Fleas need blood to live, so they will target humans, domestic animals, and outdoor pests such as rodents and squirrels. The bugs will die after a few days if they don’t have a host. At most, two weeks.

Is It True That Fleas Burrow Under Skin?

Like the chigoe subclass, certain types of fleas can burrow under your skin. They’re sometimes called “sand fleas.” No matter the kind, these insects are bad news.

Don’t Let Fleas Take Over Your Home

You can prevent fleas by doing the following:

“Do it yourself” DIY flea spray and similar insecticides are costly, hazardous, and ineffective with infestations. At Innovative Pest Solutions, we offer affordable treatments that are industrial-grade. We even have specially designed flea prevention. Some of our options are doorway applications, granules, and perimeter barriers. Call today for a free estimate!

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