In our Raleigh service area, the termites we battle are called subterranean termites. This type of termite is responsible for billions of dollars in property damage across the United States each and every year. All other termites cause damage that is in the hundreds of thousands. So, as you can imagine, it is important to take appropriate steps to protect our Raleigh properties from the destruction these wood-damaging insects can cause.

termites eating wood

How You Might See Termites

In a termite colony, the termites that will damage your property are the workers. These workers live almost exclusively inside the ground, or inside the wood, they are feeding on. It is rare that you’ll see them, but you might. You could cut into a stump in your yard and find these tiny, pale insects crawling around. You could lift a piece of wood that is lying on the ground and find workers crawling around underneath. You could rake up some mulch and find them. One of the most common ways people find worker termites is they do a renovation and discover worker termites in their walls.

In a termite colony, termite swarmers are created for the purpose of leaving the nest and creating new nests. These are winged termites. If you see them on the outside of your home, they are a warning sign of a mature termite nest near your home. If you see them inside, they are a warning sign of a severe infestation.

What To Do When You See Termite Activity

If you discover termites inside your home, you should contact a licensed pest professional immediately. These insects are not only difficult to exterminate, but their secretive nature can allow them to avoid your treatments and continue to destroy your property when your treatments fail.

If you discover termites on your property and away from structures, there are a few things you may do to address them, though we still recommend professional control.

The Best Termite Damage Protection

It can be extremely difficult to detect termite evidence. If you need assistance, the team at Innovative Pest Solutions can help. We provide termite inspections that come with a wood-destroying insect report. This is the document needed by some real estate agents and lenders. It will give you the data you need to make a sound decision regarding your termite prevention. In many cases, the best protection is the application of liquid termiticide around the entire structure. This works to eliminate termites and their colonies when they come to feed on your property. We can help you get this barrier in place.

Take The Next Step

For information about termite inspections or treatments in Raleigh, North Carolina, reach out to Innovative Pest Solutions today. Our licensed and experienced termite control professionals are standing by to assist you. We’ll guide you toward the right solution for your property and your budget. Get started by dropping us a line on our contact page. We’ll get back to you quickly and set up a service visit.

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