2 Bugs That Look Like Ants with Wings

black flying ant outdoors on a branches

There are many bugs that look like ants with wings in North Carolina, some more destructive than others. Check out our guide to learn about the wings imposters!

5 Signs of Termites in Walls

Termites in wall. Termites piling out of a white painted wall

From fecal pellets and discarded wings to tapping sounds and kick holes, termites in walls leave behind many indications of their destructive presence.

Top Tips: How to Check for Termites

Home inspector looking at a door frame, displaying how to check for termites in wooden structures

Knowing how to check for termites is essential, but calling in the professionals is vital as these infestations can cause significant damage.

The Scary Truth: Can Termites Bite You?

termite damage

Have you ever wondered: Can termites bite you? Generally speaking, they aren’t interested in biting us and will only do so if they feel threatened or provoked.

Termite Tube: Infestation Signs

termite tube on a wooden plank

Because subterranean termites covertly move through your home, a termite tube on your home’s exterior may be the only indication of these pests. 

Termites In North Raleigh Homes!

large soldier termite in dirt

We inspect many homes in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill markets for termites. During our inspections, we find termites in several of these homes.