The threat of mosquito diseases is the same as any threat, you have to put it in proper perspective. It is easy to become alarmed. The diseases spread by mosquitoes can not only cause death, but they can also present other serious medical threats. In recent years, the Zika virus had many people on edge. We had an outbreak in Florida and Texas, but that outbreak could have easily happened in other states. What makes this virus so scary is that it can cause microcephaly, a birth defect that can lead to serious, life-long issues for a child and a family. But it is unnecessary to be in a state of alarm. Let’s discuss how dangerous mosquitoes are and what you can do to mitigate their threat.

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What You Should Know About Mosquito Diseases

Finding A Balance

Are mosquito diseases dangerous? Yes. But most of the worst diseases are not endemic to the United States. Travelers must bring them in. This reduces the direct risk to U.S. residents. But this can happen at any time without warning. While we don’t think you should be fearful, we believe it is prudent to reduce mosquito bites to mitigate the risk as much as possible. When you do this, you’ll have the added benefit of not having irritating and itchy mosquito wounds.

How To Mitigate The Threat

The best way to reduce mosquito bites is to invest in mosquito reduction services. When your yard has routine treatments, it breaks the cycle of reproduction. This may not seem like a big deal, especially if you think mosquitoes are coming into your yard to bite. But this isn’t the case. Mosquitoes don’t travel far. While they will come into your yard, it doesn’t happen as often as you might think. The mosquitoes that bite you in your yard are mostly mosquitoes that have hatched in your yard. You can address mosquito reproduction and address random mosquitoes that enter your yard from a neighboring property by having your landscaping and other key areas treated.

For assistance with mosquito control in Raleigh, North Carolina, connect with Innovative Pest Solutions. We offer mosquito reduction in our 1-2-3 Premium and Premium Plus pest control service plans. Get year-round protection from general pests and mosquitoes at the same time. While you don’t need to be fearful of mosquitoes, it is wise to take precautions.

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