Which statement accurately describes termites? Termites are black, have wings, and are attracted to light or termites are white, have no wings, and avoid light?

Both of these statements are true. Termites are white, wingless, and live in darkness most of the year. But during the swarming season (usually March through May) a percentage of the colony will turn black (sunscreen pigmentation), grow wings, and swarm out into daylight looking to find a mate and start new colonies. So if you are digging into the ground or tearing into some damaged wood, you may find white, wingless workers and/or soldier termites which quickly run back to their galleries away from light.

If you see a cloud of small, dark-colored insects flying in a feeble and erratic fashion, usually coming from a mulch bed, crack in a slab, or an interior wall of your house, then you are probably witnessing a termite swarm.

Check out our YouTube Channel for this termite swarm we caught on video in 2013.

If you suspect you have termites or you’re not sure, call our office at (919) 847-6267 and we’ll be happy to come to check your property.