No one likes living with pests inside their home. What is even more frustrating is seeing the problems pests cause but not the pests themselves. For instance, some people wake up with bite marks on their skin. These bite marks could be from one of the blood-feeding bugs in the area. In order to help you find out what pests are causing problems or might cause problems inside your North Carolina home, a pest control inspection is crucial. Here are some things to consider about pest control inspections and a company you can trust to take care of your home’s pest control needs. 

What Do Real Estate Inspections Cover?

Different home pest control companies provide services for different ranges of pests. Most local providers cover general pests like spiders, ants, cockroaches, beetles, etc. A general pest is any creature that invades homes through gaps, cracks, and other entry points and can be controlled with general pest control methods. Specialty pests include any creature that invades in unique ways or is especially difficult to remove from properties. This group usually includes termites, bed bugs, rodents, birds, wasps, bees, and pantry pests. Which pests your pest control provider covers will determine which pests they look for inside your home. Some providers know how to identify specialty pests but will refer you to a secondary provider if they find them indoors. If you are looking for a service provider to inspect your property, trust the experts at Innovative Pest Solutions. We know every common and uncommon pest and how to identify them.

The Importance Of A WDI Report Before Buying A New Home?

If you are looking to purchase a home, one goal of your should be to have full knowledge of what problems might come with it, including what pests are already indoors. One group of pests notoriously missed by new homeowners are termites. Termites chew deep into structural wood and cause extensive damage to support beams and framing. Buying a house with termites is like buying 99% of a house and then having to replace that last 1% through extensive repair work. Termites are, of course, not the only pests that destroy wood inside homes. In order to assess your risk when buying a new home, a WDI (wood-destroying insect) report is absolutely necessary.

All The Information A Home Inspection Can Provide

At any given point in time, an unprotected home has pest problems. Which pests invade your home will depend on the area you live in, the wildlife species in your neighborhood, and what type of entry points your building has. By investing in a detailed pest inspection for your home and property, you will learn what pests are already inside, what types of pests might cause problems in the future, and get a good understanding of your general risk of problems. Sometimes pests cause problems from the shadows. Cockroaches hide all day and then defecate on left-out food late at night. By eating this food you or one of your family members could get very sick. With a thorough inspection, we can identify where problems lie and offer direct access to quick solutions to address any issues through professional treatments.

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Now that you know why you need a pest inspection let’s talk about a company you can trust with the job. At Innovative Pest Solutions, we don’t just provide detailed inspections and WDIR reports; we also offer year-round protection plans and treatment services for a range of area pests. In business since 2002, Innovative Pest Solutions was built for greatness and designed to serve a greater purpose for members of our community. To find out if your property is in our service range, get in touch with us today.

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