Most people do not take the time to think about mosquitoes. You being here today shows that you care about the problems these pests cause or, at the very least, you want to avoid being bitten. We can help with this! Mosquitoes are incredibly annoying insects and are a big problem for property owners. Today we will be talking about breeding grounds, things that attract mosquitoes, and how to keep mosquitoes away from your North Carolina yard. If that is what you are here for, this is what you need to know:

Do Bird Baths Attract Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in sources of stagnant water. Birdbaths are interesting in that they are only sometimes stagnant. If birds regularly use the birdbaths on your property, mosquito eggs will be disturbed and mostly killed. Some birds will even eat mosquito eggs. The problem comes when birdbaths are left unused. Unused birdbaths can be used to incubate thousands of mosquitoes which will greatly increase the number of these pests on your property. We highly recommend keeping an eye out on birdbaths on your property to see if they are being used or if they might be potential breeding grounds for unwanted mosquitoes.

Three Things You Can Do To Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Birdbaths

There are a few methods to controlling mosquito breeding grounds around properties. Let’s look at how to keep mosquitoes out of a birdbath. First, if your property came with a birdbath and you do not care much for it, have it removed. This is the simplest and easiest way to address this mosquito-breeding ground. If you like your birdbath where it is, another option is to change the water in it once every four days. This will disturb and eliminate mosquito eggs before they are able to hatch. Finally, if you want to take a more creative approach, put in place strategies that invite birds to your property. This might involve buying bird feeders, throwing out seeds in the morning, or using similar attractants. Keep in mind that these things might also attract squirrels and other unwanted pests to your property. 

What Is The Best Way To Kill Mosquitoes In My Yard?

A birdbath is just one breeding ground. In order to fully keep mosquitoes off your property, you have to implement several prevention strategies. Here is how to prevent mosquitoes in your yard.

  • Pour our rainwater that collects around your property.
  • Clean out your gutters and make sure they are properly channeling water away from your home’s exterior.
  • Terraform your yard and driveway to reduce puddle opportunities.
  • Change the water in ornate pools and birdbaths once every four days.
  • Install fans around your covered outdoor lounging areas.
  • Wear light-colored clothing when you go outside.
  • Avoid spending extended periods outdoors during dusk and dawn.
  • Invest in professional mosquito control services.

Innovative Pest Solutions: Effective Mosquito Control

Now that you know more about mosquitoes and where they breed around properties, let us offer you a guaranteed solution to keep these pests away. It involves hiring the experts at Innovative Pest Solutions. Our team understands how to control mosquitoes. Using industrial-grade treatments and advanced strategies, we can make any exterior space as close to mosquito-free as possible. Whether you are looking for year-round protection for your property or need a one-time treatment for an outdoor event center, we are the right choice for the job.

Contact us now to schedule your property for a service visit and find out why Innovative Pest Solutions is the best way to control mosquitoes. Let us show you why so many homeowners across America trust us with their pest control needs.

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