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Raleigh, NC Ant Control

Ants are social insects, meaning that they can communicate to each other and work together as a team — sometimes to invade your home and kitchen or destroy your property (they’ve even been known to cause electrical shorts in appliances)! Ready to get rid of ants in your home? Call Raleigh’s ant control experts: Innovative Pest Solutions.

At Innovative Pest Solutions, our extermination expertise includes all types of ants common to Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas. Call today to learn more about our one-time, monthly and quarterly ant control services!

Odorous House Ants: The Triangle’s #1 Pest Problem

Odorous House Ants are the #1 pest that we deal with in the Triangle area. If you’ve discovered an infestation of small black/brown ants that emit a strong odor when crushed, then you have an Odorous Ant problem.

You’ll most likely find Odorous House Ants foraging for food and moisture in the kitchen and bathroom areas of your home. Once these persistent pests have discovered food and moisture in your home, they will continue to return to that area even after the food source has been cleaned or removed.

An important thing to remember about Odorous Ants is the species’ ability to “bud” or split colonies. Over-the-counter products often make the problem worse — splitting one ant colony into two, three or more, and making the infestation much harder to control.

Odorous Ant Control

Don’t put up with an Odorous Ant problem — call our Raleigh, NC ant exterminators! Our trained and certified technicians will inspect for ant nesting areas, strategically place baits and treatments, and consult with you regarding prevention methods.

After your ant control treatment, the number of Odorous House Ants will decrease dramatically — but it is not uncommon to see live ants for the next two weeks. At Innovative Pest Solutions, our goal is to eliminate the ant infestation, not just drive it from your home. By using ant baits and non-repellent treatments, the process is slower than a simple ant barrier solution — but it will ultimately last much longer.

Carpenter Ant Control

While naturally found outdoors in heavily wooded areas, Carpenter Ants can make their way indoors and nest in your home’s crawlspace, attic or even wall voids. These large, black (or reddish black) ants are considered wood-destroying insects because they can tunnel into the wood structure of your home, causing significant damage.

Carpenter Ant infestations generally do the most damage to wooden structures that contain a high moisture level — making homes with roof leaks and plumbing leaks particularly susceptible. If you’ve discovered a Carpenter Ant problem inside your home, that typically means that there is a nest nearby. Our Raleigh, NC ant exterminators will eliminate these pests by first performing a thorough inspection, then treating your ant problem at the source. At Innovative Pest Solutions, we don’t just provide effective, affordable ant control — we provide complete ant prevention!

Get Rid of Ants — Call Our Raleigh, NC Ant Exterminators Today!

Dealing with an infestation of Odorous House Ants, Carpenter Ants or Fire Ants? Get rid of ants with help from Innovative Pest Solutions, the Triangle’s expert in effective, affordable ant control. Call our Raleigh, NC ant exterminators today to get started!

Want to learn how to prepare for an Ant Treatment? Check out our PDF!

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