They may not look like it at first, but these little guys can pack quite a punch – er, sting! In fact, some of the ants found around the Raleigh, NC, area leave stings, bites, and painful bumps that last for days at a time. The most common species, their identification, and their associated problems are listed here below.

a fire ant biting skin

The Fire Ant: Small, dark reddish-brown, and filled with painful venom, the fire ant is one of the most notorious ant species in the Carolinas. These ants cause health problems as well as physical property damage, gravitating towards HVAC systems and electrical equipment.

The Odorous House Ant: Releasing a foul smell in the home, the odorous house ant causes food contamination issues all throughout Raleigh.

The Little Black Ant: Nesting in brick or woodpiles, these two-millimeter ants are known for swarming birdseed, dog food, and opened dry goods.

The Carpenter Ant: Boring through wood and wood panels, carpenter ants measure one-half to five-eighths of an inch on average.

Ants should be kept out of your home at all costs. If these creatures do get inside, professional pest control will be needed right away.

Pest Prevention Tips For Raleigh Ants

Hosting an ant infestation is very different from preventing one in the first place. If you don’t have any ants in the house yet, you’re in luck! By using one or all of the following prevention tips, homeowners in Raleigh may safely protect themselves from late-season ant attacks.

Combating an infestation becomes much simpler after identifying the offending species. Simply give us a call at Innovative Pest Solutions to schedule a free home inspection right away. 

Why Choose Innovative Pest Solutions Over DIY 

Despite their tiny frames and seemingly small colonies, the selfish designs of the ants in Raleigh, NC are nothing short of insidious. Releasing foul odors, spreading serious disease and bacteria, as well as contaminating foods and dry goods, there seems to be no limit to the ant’s wanton destruction. Of course, keeping ants out of the house in the first place is the first step towards staying infestation free during the more active warmer months.

However, even the most cautious pest protector may discover a lingering infestation around the home or lawn. Professional pest control methods must be implemented at the first sign of an ant infestation.

There are many reasons why homeowners in Raleigh should choose professionals over DIY treatments.

To combat or prevent ant activity from around your local Raleigh home, contact the professionals at Innovative Pest Solutions. Armed with the treatments that keep you safe and healthy, our team is always prepared to deliver quality pest control treatments with quality results. See for yourself by calling our Raleigh service branch and scheduling an appointment immediately. Visit us from the comfort of your home by reaching out by phone or by filling out our online contact form. Pest control really is as easy as 1-2-3. Partner with us for ant extermination today!

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