Pests are a year-round concern. If you don’t take steps to protect your property year-round against them, you could be setting yourself up for some big (and expensive) headaches in the future.

While the wintertime always sees people often opting to stay indoors rather than go out, recent events and social distancing guidelines have seen people staying indoors more than ever. Hopefully, you haven’t experienced any pest problems directly in your home. But you should be aware that just because you haven’t witnessed pests directly doesn’t mean you couldn’t still be at risk.

Nothing makes a house feel unlivable like being cooped up inside with an ongoing pest problem, so here are some reasons it’s so important that you never leave yourself at risk, no matter what time of year it may be.

Pests Never Quit In Raleigh

The climate in Raleigh and the surrounding areas makes this even more pronounced, as the rainy summer’s mix of high heat and humidity creates numerous opportunities for pests to invade.

It’s a common misconception that the summer is “pest season” in the southeast. Summer is when some of the most visible pests, like mosquitoeswaspsfleas, and cockroaches, tend to be seen around properties in Raleigh, especially while spending time outdoors. While these pests can be a nuisance and even dangerous, they are also partly so visible because they attack us directly—most of the time while we are outside in our yards. 

However, if you’re a home or business owner, the worst pests you could face are often not the pests you see but rather the ones you don’t—the ones that get into your home and start destroying it from within, right under your nose. 

Some of these types of pests are more likely to come inside as the weather cools. This is because the amount of pests in the area is usually proportional to the amount of potential food there. Rodents such as mice can often find food in plentiful enough amounts during the warmer months of the year, but can be easily enticed to break into your home when it’s cold at night and there’s nothing to eat. Your home provides them food, water, and shelter all in one convenient package.

Worse still are pests like termites. While the relatively warm springs allow them to swarm early and often, the mild winters can allow them to stay active for much or even all of the year, especially if they find their way into a large structure. If your wooden foundations aren’t protected against termites and you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself in their way, they won’t hesitate to literally eat you out of house and home.

The Threat Pests Pose

There are countless downsides to having a pest infestation inside your home or business, but the most important are the ways they can put your family and pets at risk. While wasps and rodents are more active around homes at opposite times of the year, they both carry very real health risks to occupants of buildings they decide to take up residence in. Spring, summer, winter, or fall, a pest infestation means putting yourself at risk. 

Beyond the direct danger that pests pose is what they bring inside with them. When a pest gets into your home, it brings in a little bit of everything it’s rubbing up against inside with it as well. Sometimes this means dirt, sometimes this means pathogens, and other times this means whole new infestations from the parasites the first pest brought inside with them.

Then there’s the danger to your home’s health and the health of your wallet. Termites and rodents can cause destruction on a large scale before the infestation even becomes apparent, and these two in particular are the ones with the most potential to strike at any time.

Year-Round Protection Is The Only Option

With so much at risk, you can’t afford to let your guard down. Pests won’t wait for you, so you can’t wait for them: take the proactive step to protect your property with professional, year-round pest control. Innovative Pest Solutions offers safe and effective pest treatments and preventive pest control.

We’ll deal with whatever issue you’re facing today while helping prevent that problem (and others) from appearing again in the future. Contact us today and find out more about the many, many benefits that year-round pest control in Raleigh, NC can bring. 

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