As one of our favorite cartoon characters is so fond of saying, ‘it’s wabbit season!’ In the case of Raleigh’s April pest calendar, it’s going to be a season for much more than cute, sarcastic, carrot-chewing bunnies. Spring is the usual time of year for pest population explosions of all kinds. Here in Raleigh, our weather is just warming up, meaning that animals are beginning to wake from hibernation or seasonal stasis. All creatures, big and small, are looking forward to stretching their legs, but that’s not all: love is also in the air!

a colony of termites on the ground

Termites are one such pest looking to stretch their six tiny ‘legs.’ Although these creatures are technically active all year round, the spring season allows them to send out new legacies and new beginnings. These legacies take the form of sexually mature flying termites, commonly known as alates. Alates (called swarmers by most Raleigh property owners) will quickly leave the colony, find a mate, shed their wings, and settle down in a new habitat to build a colony of their own. This unique aspect of the termite’s lifestyle is known as ‘the termite season.’

The Damage Caused By Raleigh Termites: Why It Pays To Be Proactive

If you thought flying termites were scary, consider this: termites do not need to sleep as humans do. They may rest or slow down if temperatures become unfavorable, but these pests can continue hunting after their favorite meal (hint: wood) just about 24/7. This ‘always on’ attitude has led to termites being the number one cause of pest property damage in the United States, wreaking five billion dollars worth of havoc per year. 
If you are not being proactive about checking the types, frequency, and signs of termites around your property, you may be putting yourself into a, particularly nasty situation. Really passionate about keeping yourself safe from termite destruction? Us too! Here are some things to look out for around the house:

Symptoms of an infestation may not yet be present in your home, which may be a good sign of your current security. Enact the following measures for additional prevention:  

If you do end up attracting a termite colony to the lawn, don’t be afraid! A team of licensed professionals at Innovative Pest Solutions would be happy to provide an inspection at your earliest convenience.  

Terrible Termites Are Back! Declare Open Season With Innovative Pest Solutions

It might be a season of termite expansion, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit around and watch it happen. Declare open season against termites by calling Innovative Pest Solutions to schedule your termite inspection now. Our crew of service agents has been locally managed and trained since 2002. We have firsthand knowledge of the dangers termites bring to the table, and a deep understanding of the stress, worry, and anxiety they bring to homeowners all around the Raleigh area. If you are dealing with termite swarmers this spring, you won’t need to navigate the removal process alone. 
Reach out to Innovative Pest Solutions to protect, treat, and monitor your current termite concerns all year long. We aren’t just a pest control business, we’re your pest control business! Get involved with our team today. 

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