Roaches are dirty insects. When they get into your Raleigh property, they can make you sick. But it is possible to make yourself even sicker by attempting to get rid of cockroaches with over-the-counter sprays. Cockroaches can be resistant to the products you buy. If they are, they can pick those chemicals up and bring them into sensitive areas. It is far better to address cockroaches with eco-friendly pest maintenance and products that target only cockroaches, such as baits and traps. Today, we’re going to discuss how this works.

cockroach in kitchen sink

A Multi-Pronged Approach

If you discover evidence of cockroaches on your property or inside a structure on your property, there are a few steps you can take to immediately deter them and protect yourself from illness.

These natural cockroach control methods can have a big impact on roaches. If you can roll your sleeves up and do the work, it is worth it. These steps will also help keep a long list of other pests out of your home and stored foods.

When Control Products Are Needed

Cockroaches can be pernicious. If you address food and moisture, you can still have issues with cockroaches. There are many reasons for this. There may be conditions that are beyond your control. You may have greater than normal cockroach pressures. Roaches may be finding moisture and food in a location that is unexpected or difficult to detect. Whatever the reason, you’ll need to apply control products when pest maintenance isn’t enough. These should be selected and administered by a licensed professional. Here are two important reasons why.

It is far too easy to select products that just don’t work. Baits and traps can fail for many reasons. You may select products that work on a different species. You may place them in the wrong areas. There could be factors that cause roaches to avoid the products you set. A professional knows how to identify the cockroach species and select and deploy products that are known to work.

If you have some success, you may think you’ve arrested your infestation only to find out later that cockroaches were allowed to keep making you sick and keep damaging your property. A professional uses field-tested methods to monitor the success of treatments.

At Innovative Pest Solutions, our technicians are highly-trained and experienced. You can be sure that they will select the right products for the pest species in your home and that these products will be administered effectively. If you own a property in Raleigh, North Carolina, let our team address this pest control issue for you. The threat these insects present to your health and property warrants investing in professional services.

For information or to schedule a pest inspection for your Raleigh property, reach out to us. We look forward to helping you find the right control solution to fully address this pest threat. 

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