Of all the various pests in the insect world, spiders may be the creepiest. With their multiple eyes and eight legs, the thought of one of these terrifying creatures hanging from a web above your bed at night will send shivers up the heartiest soul’s spine. Spiders in Raleigh will find their way into your home because it may already be infested with other insects they prey on. Learn about some of the common household spiders in Raleigh, how to prevent spiders from getting in, and how to get spiders out if they do.

What Do Spiders In Raleigh Look Like & Are They Dangerous?

Several different kinds of spiders have been known to find their way into Raleigh yards and households. Several types you may find lurking in your home are:

All of these spiders actually help control the population of nuisance insects and garden pests, but a couple of them pose direct dangers to people. Black widow spiders in Raleigh are shiny and black, and have a telltale orange-red “hourglass” shaped mark on their belly.

Brown recluse spiders in Raleigh are light brown, with the adults having a darker, violin-like marking on their back. If you are bitten by either one of these species, their venom could cause some serious negative health effects.

Another of the most common spiders in Raleigh, the wolf spider, is a large dark brown or black spider with a stout body. They have cream, gray, or yellowish markings, with their body and spiny legs covered in hairs. While this is a very intimidating-looking spider, the bite of a wolf spider is milder than that of the black widow or brown recluse but will still cause swelling, pain, itching, and possibly nausea.

How Did These Spiders Get Into My Raleigh Home?

Many different kinds of spiders will usually decide to move into your home because they are following their prey. Unlike most invasive pests, spiders do not move indoors to escape the nasty weather but are just going to where their food source is. Alternately, they will be attracted to safe, quiet spots in your Raleigh home to lay their eggs.

Tips To Keep Spiders Out Of My Home In Raleigh

There are several things you can do to keep these common household spiders out of your Raleigh home. Try these tips to keep spiders out of your home:

In general, keeping flies and other insects out of your home will keep spiders from chasing them inside. Also, keeping a tidy house will go a long way in keeping it unattractive to these insects. However, for the best control of spiders, you should enlist the help of a professional service provider, like Innovative Pest Solutions.

The Best Way To Remove Spiders In Raleigh Homes

Whether it’s black widow spiders in Raleigh, brown recluse spiders in Raleigh, or any other common spider, you really don’t want either one of these species taking root in the dark corners of your home. Grappling with this problem yourself can be futile, which is why you should contact the home pest control experts at Innovative Pest Solutions.

Since 2002, we have been protecting Raleigh from our area’s toughest pests. We offer effective service and innovative pest solutions to protect you and your home and have several program options for you to choose from. Give us a call today and let us clear your home of these creepy, eight-legged nuisances once and for all.

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