Silverfish are one of those pests you don’t really think about until you’re dealing with them. Most homeowners think about roaches. They definitely worry about rats. And they might even be concerned about pests that can induce fear, like scorpions or spiders. However, did you know a silverfish infestation can do tons of damage to your property?

Far from being just a minor annoyance, silverfish infestation is a serious threat to things like clothing, books, and even irreplaceable collectibles. That’s why keeping these slippery little devils out of your home is so important.

How To Identify Silverfish

Silverfish are pretty easy to identify. True to their name, they look like tiny, silver fish. Well, in reality, they also look sort of like silver shrimp or silver crawfish. Juvenile silverfish start out white. Then they turn brown as they molt before finally achieving the classic shiny silvery-gray color of adult silverfish. Aside from their color, adult silverfish have six legs, a long tail, and long antennae. They also have a sectioned body, which is one of the reasons a silverfish looks a little like a shrimp. 

The Damage Silverfish Can Do In Your Home

As we said above, a silverfish infestation can be damaging to all kinds of different items. Silverfish eat starch and protein. That doesn’t just include rice and potato chips. Silverfish can eat anything from books to fabrics and even your wallpaper. Literally, anything with starch or protein is fair game. This includes certain types of adhesives, fabrics like silk and leather, and almost any kind of paper. Even your furniture isn’t safe! Silverfish are so non-picky, they’ll even eat dead silverfish. 

Signs of a growing silverfish problem can be subtle at first. Silverfish like to keep a low profile. They hang out in humid, dark corners, so you may never see a live one scurrying around. However, once the population starts to grow, you could see other signs:

Keep in mind that if you’re seeing live silverfish crawling around, it could be a sign you have a serious problem. Since silverfish don’t like to keep human company, seeing them brazenly out and about means there are probably plenty more individuals you’re not seeing. They’re like roaches that way.

How To Stop Silverfish From Getting Inside

Silverfish treatment can be challenging once you get a breeding population firmly established on your property. That means prevention is key to controlling a silverfish infestation. To keep silverfish out of your home, take measures like:

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Silverfish

If you have an established infestation, do-it-yourself (DIY) silverfish treatment is not typically effective. Silverfish baits and traps may kill some individuals. Still, the reality is that the individuals who die due to these measures probably have already replaced themselves many times over. That means you’ll need help from Innovative Pest Solutions to solve your problem completely and permanently. So give us a call or visit our contact page to get started today!

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