Mice Are Hard To Eliminate

Have you laid traps down to catch the mice in your home. If so, you may know that mice aren’t as easy to catch as you’d like. These little rodents are wired to evade your attempts.

  • Mice don’t run around everywhere inside your home. They prefer to stick near the walls. If you lay a trap in the middle of a room, a mouse isn’t likely to go for the bait.
  • Mice don’t prefer cheese. If you use cheese on your traps, mice may not go for it. It is better to use a preferred food source, such as something made of nuts or rice.
  • Mice don’t like new things. If you place a trap down in a location a mouse has been before, it will avoid that trap.
  • Mice don’t like the way you smell. Don’t take it personally. They’re afraid of you. If they smell you on a trap, they’ll probably avoid that trap.
  • Mice are fast. Really fast. They can set a spring trap off without getting caught in the latch.

Mice Reproduce Quickly

Rabbits don’t have anything on mice. When mice get into your home, they’re able to reproduce like crazy. A female mouse will grow to sexual maturity in as little as six weeks, and she can have three to fourteen pups in a litter. It is hard to do the math on this one, but imagine one female creating twelve pups and half of them are female. In six weeks, there will be six more females in your home that could make six more females each. That’s 42 females in another six weeks. And on and on. Do you see how it works? While the math may be different for you, depending on a wide range of factors, it is easy to see that the reproductive speed of mice can make it difficult to get rid of them.

More Mice Can Come In

If you’re able to catch any of the mice in your home, you need to be aware that other mice can replace the ones you’ve caught if you don’t take the time to seal your exterior. But this can be difficult to do. An adult mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime. And if a mouse finds a hole that is smaller than a dime, it is equipped with strong teeth that may be able to make the hole larger. A determined mouse can chew through a piece of wood and make short work of the weatherstripping on your exterior doors.

How To Get Mice Out

If you live in Raleigh, NC, let the rodent-control professionals at Innovative Pest Solutions take care of your rodent problem. Our team has the training and experience to get the job done right. It is important to get the job done right because mice can present a serious risk to your health and property. Often, when mouse control falls short, residents don’t realize it. This allows mice to continue to cause health problems, or do damage to property. Plus, all it takes is one little mouse to burn your home to the ground. Mice are known to chew on wires and gas lines. Don’t take any chances when it comes to mice. Reach out to Innovative Pest Solutions today.