A dead cockroach upside down on it's back, an idea of What to Expect After an Exterminator Sprays For Roaches

So, you found cockroaches on your Raleigh property and called a pest control company to help remedy the problem. 

Professionals are often the best solution to remove these pests for good whenever you have a serious pest problem like roaches. But what should you do after a treatment to prevent the insects from returning? What about what to expect after an exterminator sprays for roaches?

Keep reading to learn about the best post-treatment options you should consider after a technician visits your home!

What to Expect After an Exterminator Sprays for Roaches in Raleigh

Roaches are tough cookies that are rapidly becoming immune to many commercially available pesticides. While your storebought options may not work, professional pest control can quickly remove their ranks. 

Once you’ve had a visit from your local pest control agency, you may expect all of the roaches to go away immediately. However, this isn’t always the case whenever you have a severe infestation!

Pest control isn’t always a fast-acting process. Sometimes, you’ll need to rely on time or multiple treatments to wipe out the insects or pests completely. Check out our tips about what you may encounter after a pest control visit. 

You May Still See Roaches

What’s the big deal? You paid for a pest control service but still see pests roaming around! Here’s what to expect after an exterminator sprays for roaches!

It’s not uncommon to see a few stragglers after an initial roach removal. While our quality products can quickly eliminate many pests that plague your home, some may stick around afterward. 

For many pest control products, roaches have to interact with the item or substances physically. If you recently had your house sprayed for pests, they may need to cross your pesticide barrier to die. 

Sometimes, you can’t rush perfection, and treatments require more time to be effective. Plus, some products take time to kick in. You may see roaches for a week or two for slow-acting treatments until they eventually taper out. 

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Because of their high tolerance to pesticides, products could take a few days to impact the pests. Just take some time and avoid panicking if you see any remaining roaches still living in your home. 

If you still see roaches a few weeks after a pest control treatment, give us a call! We’ll be glad to help with any remaining insect issues. 

Expect to Keep Your Home Squeaky Clean

Here’s what to expect after an exterminator sprays for roaches: continued pest control efforts. 

German cockroaches are among the most prolific roach species in the United States. While some roaches can survive in the wild, these pests can’t thrive without constant human access. 

Because they rely on us and our homes, they’ll flourish and multiply in any environment rife with food and water. And these pests are crafty too. They can find hidden food crumbs or feast on unconventional items to meet their nutritional needs.

Other roaches may sneak inside for food and shelter, and homes with easily accessible food sources are hotspots for roach infestations. If these pests have the means to stay indoors, they’ll become unwanted roommates before you realize they’ve invaded.

While you can’t always protect your home against species introduced by others or packaging, you can control how they spread through your home. Maintaining a tidy living space and limiting the food they eat can help prevent an infestation from growing too large.

After a pest control visit, we suggest you keep your home clean to avoid another roach problem. Start sweeping your floors to prevent fallen food or crumbs from going unnoticed. 

Person sweeping a broom into a dustpan

Following a hearty meal, sanitize your kitchen counters and sink. Left-behind food residue will attract roaches and other pests like ants, rodents, or flies. 

You May Have Another Mess to Clean, Too

Want to know what else to expect after an exterminator sprays for roaches? You’ll have to deal with the aftermath of pesticide treatment.

Any successful pest control service should eliminate any problem pests in your home. Unfortunately, you might have to clean up what’s left of them after the product works its magic in your home. 

Around two to three weeks after an extermination visit, it’s normal to see handfuls of dead roaches around your home. Because many products won’t eliminate the insects on-site, they could perish as they’re foraging or looking for water. 

Dead cockroach on it's back, an idea of what to expect after an exterminator sprays for roaches

Don’t fret if you see these pests scattered throughout your home. While gross, they’re easy to clean up, and you can be thankful your pest issues are slowing down. 

Cockroaches are nasty critters that can spread harmful bacteria even after they’ve passed. When cleaning up after roaches, avoid touching the insects with your hands. Instead, grab a broom and dustpan to take care of the mess. 

You can also pick them up with a paper towel or rag, but we suggest limiting your contact with the bugs. Accidental contamination may cause food poisoning or other undesirable illnesses that will leave you feeling worse for wear. 

Check out this article for more information about how to safely dispose of roaches.

When to Contact a Pest Agency for Roaches

So, you know what to expect after an exterminator sprays for roaches, but what should you do if you notice the beginning of an infestation?

Often, many homeowners won’t notice or realize they have roaches until they find one. There aren’t many signs of these pests besides droppings or slight food damage. Some report an oily scent, but not every person can smell these pests when they invade. 

If you see a cockroach patrolling the halls of your home or hanging around in your kitchen, it’s a good idea to call a pest professional promptly, especially if you find one of these insects during the daytime. 

Cockroaches are usually nocturnal insects. They only exit their hiding spots to search for food at night when there’s little to no movement in your kitchen or bathroom. If you see roaches during the day, the infestation in your home may have already grown large. 

We recommend contacting us whenever you spot roaches indoors– no matter how many you see. Because these crafty critters can hide away for months out of sight, it’s best to rely on professional help to find the infestation source in your Raleigh, NC, home. 

Contact us today for more information about our roach control service! We’ll be happy to help you with any questions, let you know what to expect after an exterminator sprays for roaches, and schedule a service to meet with a technician.

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