Are Pest Control Services Worth It?


Determining the Value of Pest Control services in the Raleigh/Durham Area In our Triangle area, encompassing Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, homeowners often ponder the necessity and the worth of professional pest control services. At Innovative Pest Solutions, a locally owned and operated pest control company, we believe in the serious value these services offer. […]

5 Ways to Eliminate Roaches in the Sink

Someone washing a dish in the sink

In the quiet corners of our Raleigh homes, a silent invasion occurs beneath the hum of daily life – roaches in the sink. Gross! These stealthy insects, evolutionary annoyances with an uncanny ability to adapt, can turn your home into a nightmare. From their unsightly appearance to their bacteria-spreading ways, cockroaches are a problem, no […]

10 Plants That Repel Roaches in Raleigh

Purple lavender in a white pot, one of the plants that repel roaches

While professional pest control services are recommended against cockroaches, there are plants that repel roaches to help supplement your pest control plan.

6 Diseases Roaches Carry & Cause

Person dropping liquid into a red petri dish full of bacteria, some which can cause the diseases roaches carry

The diseases roaches carry can vary from mild allergy symptoms to more severe illnesses like salmonella or staph, which can make you very ill.

13 Tips for Effective Roach Baiting

three cockroaches on a grey slab

Are roaches taking over your Raleigh, North Carolina, space? It’s time to take action with smart roach baiting! Say goodbye to ineffective methods and hello to a strategy that hits roaches where it hurts.  Join us as we unveil the secrets of successful roach baiting and equip you with the tools to win the war […]

How Many Eggs Do Roaches Lay?

Cockroach on a wooden fence

How many eggs do roaches lay? On average, a female roach can deposit anywhere from 16 to 50 eggs within a single ootheca.

Peppermint Oil for Roaches

Person holding a dropper containing peppermint oil for roaches

Peppermint oil for roaches can help repel these pests, and you can create many pest control options at home!