What are silverfish? Silverfish (Lespisma sacchrina) are pests with a very unique appearance that can navigate their way into homes. Silverfish eat a variety of items found in homes, including glue, fabrics, and paper items. They feast on foods we eat as well, including cereal, grains, flour, and pet food. Are you a homeowner in need of silverfish removal services? A professional pest control company understands the best way to get rid of silverfish safely and effectively.

How To Identify Silverfish In Your Home

Silverfish that have reached adulthood often have a body length that approaches 3/4 of an inch. They have a long, flat body style with scales that are either metallic silver or brown in color. Silverfish got their name because of their “fish-like” characteristics and body movements.

Silverfish are wingless creatures with antennae, compound eyes, and a set of six legs that allows them to move surprisingly fast. Young silverfish have a smaller body that resembles that of an adult, and their phases of development involve molting (shedding) of the skin.

Where Silverfish Could Be Hiding

Indoors, silverfish usually are attracted to secluded areas. They are nocturnal creatures that will primarily begin searching for food at night. You can find silverfish in areas of a home with sufficient moisture, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, and beneath sinks.

The Damage Silverfish Can Do In Your Home

Silverfish can be destructive intruders who consume paper products, including books, photographs, and wallpaper. They may enter pantry areas where dried food is stored and penetrate packaging to consume the contents and possibly lay eggs. Other signs of silverfish activity include small yellowish stains and their feces, which appear like black pepper.

How Can I Stop Silverfish From Getting Into My Home?

As with most unwanted pests, knowing the best way to get rid of silverfish and prevent them from returning involves understanding what silverfish eat. Silverfish will consume a mix of most dried foods and items, including wallpaper and materials used in clothing or upholstery. Therefore, limiting access indoors is more effective. Some of the best practices include:

While many of these tips are effective prevention measures, those with existing intrusions from these pests are encouraged to consult with a local pest control professional. What are silverfish attractants? The pest professionals at Innovative Pest Solutions can answer this question and provide the best ways to prevent them.

Local Pest Control For Silverfish Removal

Since 2002, the qualified staff with Innovative Pest Solutions has been solving problems for homeowners in this area that are plagued with pest control problems. Our licensed team has experience in expelling infestations from invaders such as bed bugs, termites, fleas, cockroaches, and a host of other troublesome and potentially dangerous pests. We can have a local professional visit your property to thoroughly examine the interior and exterior areas to gauge the nature and scope of the pest intrusion accurately.

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