Many homeowners may not understand exactly what a silverfish is or how to get rid of silverfish once they invade your property. Fortunately, our article answers the most common questions about silverfish so you can prevent this pest and put your mind at ease.

Many individuals may consider silverfish an unhygienic pest or believe that they are only contracted in dirty homes, but this is not the case. Silverfish are attracted to very moist, damp areas. Instead of having a dirty home attracting silverfish, you are much more likely to contract a silverfish infestation if you have poor drainage on your property or frequently deal with leaks and dampness in your home. That being said, silverfish do love to get into stored items, and clutter may make an infestation worse, but the clutter isn’t the cause of an infestation or the main reason that this pest invades your home.

When silverfish are found in your home, you may be wondering ‘are silverfish poisonous’ or if they are something to be wary of. And while a silverfish is unlikely to bite humans and doesn’t present a health risk to those in your home, it can be dangerous to the items you store in your house. Silverfish love to feed on starchy materials and high protein items. This means that they can invade stored food and contaminate it. They may also get into stored books, clothing, or furniture and chew away until you are left with considerable loss and damage. Plastic airtight containers can help keep silverfish out of your stored items, but a widespread infestation definitely needs a stronger silverfish repellant such as assistance from Innovative Pest Solutions.

Several factors can attract silverfish inside of your home. Keep in mind that limiting and reducing access to these factors is essential in protecting your property from this pest.

  • Moisture issues are a significant attractor for silverfish. They enjoy damp areas such as basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. Fix up leaks on your property, ensure there is drainage outside, and work to put proper ventilation in place throughout your home to prevent silverfish.
  • Leaving out dirty dishes, food waste, or trash can easily attract silverfish into your home. This pest loves to feed on high-protein items, so leftover food must be stored properly. You should also refrain from leaving unprotected pet food and food or drink spills around your home.
  • Extra clutter around your home and books or clothes that aren’t appropriately stored may draw in silverfish. This pest loves to get into boxes and feed on starchy items such as these, so be proactive by storing items in airtight plastic containers that make infiltration more difficult.

If you want to know how to get rid of silverfish, your best option is to skip the home remedies for silverfish and reach out to Innovative Pest Solutions. The professionals will be able to identify and diagnose the scale of your silverfish problem correctly. Then, armed with this knowledge, the specialists will develop targeted, effective solutions for your home that eliminate infestations of this pest and keep it out in the future. Instead of seeing hordes of silverfish roaming around your home, contact Innovative Pest Solutions and let them be the silverfish repellant you need to reclaim your property from this pest.

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