The WDIR is a written inspection report that answers two primary questions:

1. Is there any evidence of a wood-destroying insect infestation?

2. If so, is there evidence that the infestation has been previously treated?

An infestation is defined by North Carolina as any evidence, past or present, of wood-destroying insects in, on, or under the structure that is being inspected. Any evidence of wood-destroying insects, whether active or inactive, is considered an infestation. Evidence of a previously treated termite infestation is the presence of drill holes in the garage slab, porch slabs, and crawlspace concrete block and/or brick foundation walls.

Treatments for all other wood-destroying insect infestations (other than termites) will not leave any visible evidence of a previous treatment. For these infestations, we have to determine whether they appear to be active or inactive. Unfortunately, this is not possible to determine with 100% accuracy.

It is important to remember that a wood-destroying insect report is not a warranty as to the total absence of wood-destroying insects or damage from them. This is an inspection of the readily accessible areas of a structure only.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the WDIRs, you can contact us at (919) 847-6267 or

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