1. Has the house ever been treated for termites in the past?

There is a common saying in the South that “A house either has termites, has had termites, or will have termites. It’s just a matter of time.” I agree that there are only a few exceptions to this maxim. A house over ten years old that bears no evidence of a previous termite treatment is a prime candidate for a termite infestation. Your WDIR inspector should be able to determine whether there is any evidence of post-construction termite treatment.

2. Is the house currently under a termite bond or warranty?

The initial termite treatment that is performed in order to place a house under a warranty can be expensive. If the house is already under a termite bond or warranty then it would be a good idea to see if that bond or warranty would transfer over to a new homeowner.

3. Is this a termite damage warranty or just a re-treatment warranty?

There’s a big difference between a termite damage warranty and a termite re-treatment warranty. If your home has been treated for termites and placed under a termite damage warranty, then if a new infestation occurs the pest control company should not only re-treat that infestation for no charge, it should also pay to have any new damages repaired. A re-treatment warranty will only provide no-charge re-treatment and any damages that need repair will be the responsibility of the homeowner.

4. What is the name of that company?

Some pest control companies are more reputable than others. It would be wise to find out the name of the company that the termite warranty is with and then ask your friends and neighbors if they have heard of them and then to look up some online reviews. You may find that most of the big national companies train their technicians to put pressure on their customers to buy more of their products and services instead of focusing on the job that you have paid them to do.

5. Will the warranty transfer to a new homeowner? How much would that cost?

If the termite warranty can transfer to a new homeowner be sure to ask how much it would cost. Some companies will say it will transfer, but only if they treat your house again and charge you a full treatment price. That is not a transfer. That is starting from scratch with a new treatment. If you have to pay for a new treatment then I would have a more reputable company that you can trust to do it.

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