In the heart of North Carolina’s Triangle, homeowners face a variety of pest challenges, and one of the most persistent and troublesome pests is the odorous house ant. These tiny intruders, scientifically known as Tapinoma sessile, have earned a reputation for their resilience and ability to quickly infest homes. In this blog post, we will explore the biology of odorous house ants, their behavior, and why professional pest control services like those offered by Innovative Pest Solutions are essential for effective management.

The “Tramp” Ant: Characteristics and Identification

odorous house ants
odorous house ants

Odorous house ants are often referred to as “tramp” ants due to their ability to thrive in a variety of environments and their tendency to move and establish new colonies easily. They are small, about 1/8 inch long, and range in color from dark brown to black. One of the most distinctive features of these ants is the strong, rotten coconut-like smell they emit when crushed, which gives them their common name.

Biology and Behavior

Odorous house ants are highly adaptable and can nest both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors, they typically nest under rocks, in soil, and within logs. Indoors, they can be found in wall voids, beneath flooring, and in insulation. Their diet is varied, consisting of sweets, meats, and grease, which makes kitchens particularly attractive to them.

odorous house ant in garden

One of the remarkable traits of odorous house ants is their ability to “bud” or split off to form new colonies. This process occurs when a group of ants, including one or more queens, separates from the main colony and establishes a new nest. This budding behavior contributes to their resilience and the difficulty in controlling their populations. This can happen as a result of natural processes or can happen due to improper treatments trying to control this ant.  

The Challenge of Controling Odorous House Ants

Controlling odorous house ants can be a daunting task for homeowners. Their ability to bud and create new colonies means that a small infestation can quickly become a widespread problem if not managed correctly. Additionally, their nesting habits make it difficult to locate and eliminate the entire colony. Attempting to address an infestation with over-the-counter products often leads to partial control at best and can even exacerbate the problem by causing the colony to bud and spread.

Check out this video from our YouTube channel to see some odorous house ants in action!

Why Professional Help is Essential

Given the challenges associated with odorous house ant control, it is crucial to enlist the help of professional pest control services. Professionals have the expertise and tools needed to identify the extent of the infestation and implement an effective treatment plan. Here are several reasons why calling in the experts is the best course of action:

  1. Accurate Identification and Assessment: Professionals can accurately identify odorous house ants and assess the severity of the infestation. This is essential for developing an effective treatment strategy.
  2. Targeted Treatments: Pest control professionals use specialized products and techniques that are more effective than over-the-counter solutions. They can target nests directly and apply treatments in a manner that prevents budding and further spread.
  3. Long-Term Solutions: Effective control of odorous house ants often requires ongoing monitoring and treatment. Professionals can provide regular service visits to ensure that the ants are kept at bay and to address any new infestations promptly.
  4. Safety and Expertise: Handling pesticides and other control measures can be hazardous if not done correctly. Professionals are trained in the safe application of these products, protecting both the residents and the environment.

The Importance of Ongoing Service

To ensure effective control of odorous house ants, an ongoing pest management service is essential. Regular inspections and treatments help to keep ant populations under control and prevent reinfestation. At Innovative Pest Solutions, we offer tri-annual service plans with monthly payment options, providing continuous protection for your home.

Our team of experienced professionals is committed to safeguarding your family, home, and health. By choosing our services, you can rest assured that we will handle your pest problems with the utmost care and efficiency, adhering to our values of honesty, humility, and exceeding expectations.


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Odorous house ants are a persistent and challenging pest for homeowners in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas. We understand the complexities of managing these pests and offer comprehensive, ongoing services to keep your home ant-free. Don’t let odorous house ants take over your home—contact us today to learn more about our pest control solutions and how we can help you maintain a pest-free environment.

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