What Are Ants Attracted To in Raleigh?

group of ants eating a snail in it's shell

Ants. They are not just visitors; they are, at times, unwelcome residents. These tiny yet persistent insects have a knack for finding their way into our homes and gardens, leaving homeowners to wonder: what are ants attracted to? In this blog, we’ll uncover the secrets of what draws ants to both indoor and outdoor spaces […]

Ant Alate: Reproductive Pests

An ant alate with wings on a purple flower

Ant colonies have a hierarchical structure, and different ants fulfill specific roles within the colony, with ant alates fulfilling the reproductive role.

2 Bugs That Look Like Ants with Wings

black flying ant outdoors on a branches

There are many bugs that look like ants with wings in North Carolina, some more destructive than others. Check out our guide to learn about the wings imposters!

Why Are There Ants in my Bathroom?

red ant against a white background

Why are there ants in my bathroom? While primarily kitchen and pantry residents, ants can quickly infest your bathroom or any other space with ample moisture.

Do Carpenter Ants Eat Wood?

carpenter ant surrounded by dust

All ants can be a bother, but carpenter ants are especially damaging. But do carpenter ants eat wood when they tunnel through your home?