Silverfish are destructive pests. They can damage your wallpaper, eat important documents, deface important photos, chew holes in your books, and much more. If they get into your pantry, they can lay eggs in your food and set up the conditions for a very unsavory meal. Fortunately, you don’t have to let silverfish take over your Raleigh home. Here are seven easy tricks to keep silverfish out.

1. Remove Yard Debris

Silverfish are strongly attracted to damp environments and organic detritus. One condition that can make your yard more susceptible to a silverfish infestation is having leaf piles. It is always best to bag leaves and remove them from your property.

2. Reduce Moisture

If you have a damp perimeter, silverfish are likely to encroach upon your home and explore your exterior. There are many ways your perimeter can become oversaturated and damp. Here are tips to reduce the moisture that attracts silverfish.

  • Clean your gutters out.
  • Fix your gutters.
  • Remove objects that collect rainwater.
  • Trim vegetation and remove weeds.
  • Water your plants first thing in the morning.
  • Trim tree canopy in areas that get a lot of shade during the day.

3. Address Crawl Space Humidity

If you have a crawl space under your home, and that space isn’t encapsulated, we recommend that you consider investing in encapsulation services. A crawl space is the perfect environment for silverfish and other moisture pests because it tends to be humid. Encapsulation also comes with many other benefits for your home and your health.

4. Repair Rotted Wood

If areas of your home are rotting, silverfish will take notice. They are attracted to damp wood because they eat mold and other organisms that attach to moistened wood. When you have rotted wood repaired, you’ll also be protecting your home from termites, carpenter ants, and other pests that damage homes in Raleigh.

5. Seal Your Exterior Walls And Foundation

Silverfish get into your home because they can. If you hire a handyman to go around your home and seal every little gap, crack, and hole (or do it yourself), this is an easy way to deter a long list of pests from getting into your home, including some that can make you very sick. Make sure to seal low entry points, such as foundation cracks, gaps around door and window frames, gaps in weather stripping around exterior doors, damaged door sweeps, and gaps around pipes. These are common silverfish entry points.

6. Reduce Interior Humidity

If silverfish get into your home, you don’t want them to find a humid environment. Address interior humidity to drive silverfish out. Here are a few suggestions.

  • When you take a bath or shower, remember to use the exhaust fan. That vents moisture out of your bathroom.
  • If you have a leaky shower head or sink faucet, get them repaired. The moisture left in showers, tubs, and sinks will increase humidity and give silverfish a drink.
  • Install dehumidifiers, fans, and ventilation ducts in areas that tend to stay humid, such as your basement or boiler room.

7. Exterior Treatments

It is pretty easy to do the steps we’ve listed so far if you hire someone to do them. But, if you do them yourself, it can be exhausting and you may be tempted to slowly chip away at them. While you are chipping, consider investing in exterior residential pest control for your Raleigh home. Routine treatments of EPA approved products to the exterior of your home can reduce silverfish populations and prevent them from getting into your home alive, and give you essential protection in areas that are still vulnerable.

For assistance with pest control in Raleigh, reach out to Innovative Pest Solutions. You can browse our residential program options in the residential section of this page. With 1-2-3 pest protection from Innovative Pest Solutions, your exterior will have what it needs to keep pests out of your home all year long. Let us guide you in selecting the right solution for your specific needs and budget. Life has enough unexpected surprises. You don’t have to let pest damage and ongoing health issues complicate your life on top of everything else. Contact us today to learn more.