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Raleigh, NC Roach Control

Cockroaches are the most common species on earth — but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with them in your home! At Innovative Pest Solutions, we offer one-time and quarterly cockroach control services to help you get rid of roaches and get back your peace of mind.

Our Raleigh, NC roach exterminators provide effective, affordable treatments designed to eliminate current cockroach infestations and prevent future problems. Our expertise includes all types of cockroaches common to Raleigh, Durham and the Triangle area — contact us today to learn more!

Smoky Brown Cockroach Control

The Smoky Brown Cockroach (also known as the Palmetto Bug) is a large cockroach whose natural habitat includes leaf debris, wood piles and organic matter. While they are often black during early development stages, adult Smoky Brown Cockroaches are typically dark brown. This species of cockroach can grow to 2” in length — making them an intimidating sight when discovered indoors!

During the cooler months, Smoky Brown Cockroaches are driven indoors to look for food, water and warmth, often establishing residence in attics and crawlspaces. While Smoky Brown Roaches don’t reproduce as quickly as their German Cockroach cousins, once established this species can begin to invade and infest a home in large numbers.

Are you dealing with a Smoky Brown Cockroach infestation? Our Raleigh, NC cockroach control experts are on the job. We’ll strategically place cockroach baits, along with a crack and crevice treatment, to completely eliminate your roach problem! Our one-time roach treatment will control these pests for 90 days. For year-round cockroach control, choose our quarterly pest control program.

German Cockroach Control

Once inside your home, German Cockroaches spread fast. Within a year, females can produce around 5 egg capsules, each containing up to 50 eggs — that’s over 200 new cockroaches! Young German Cockroaches are smaller and dark brown, while adults are ½ to â…” in length and light brown in color, with fully developed wings. Two dark lines run from the back of the head to the wings.

German Cockroaches typically take up residence in commercial kitchens, grocery stores, etc. and are not commonly found outdoors. To control this type of cockroach, sanitation is key! For a one-time extermination service, Innovative Pest Solutions starts by treating the infested area with baits, traps and crack/crevice treatments. Our Raleigh, NC cockroach control team will also offer cleaning recommendations to help you prevent this pest from returning. Depending on the severity of your German Cockroach infestation, a monthly or quarterly pest control program may be necessary.

Get Rid of Roaches — Call Our Raleigh, NC Cockroach Exterminators Today!

Cockroaches are persistent pests that aren’t just a nuisance — they’re also known to carry disease. Protect your home and your health with help from Innovative Pest Solutions! Call our Raleigh, NC cockroach exterminators today to learn more about our one-time, monthly and quarterly roach control services.

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