We have some good news. Most of the spiders that get into Raleigh residences are not dangerous. While all spiders have venom, only two in our area have venom that is considered a medical threat. You’re probably aware that the two spiders we are referring to are the black widow and the brown recluse. But even these two spiders aren’t nearly as dangerous as you might think. Here are some spider facts every Raleigh resident should know.

house spider on a car

1. Some spiders can’t bite you.

There are certain spiders, like the long-bodied cellar spider (also referred to as the daddy longlegs spider) that are unable to bite you. Other than being creepy to look at, you do not need to be concerned about these spiders.

2. Most spiders have a mild bite.

There are a surprising number of spiders, like the American house spider, that has a mild bite and weak venom. If you are bitten by one of these spiders during the night, you may not even wake up. You’ll just notice that you have a red bump on your skin in the morning.

3. Spiders that have a painful bite tend to stay outside.

There are garden spiders, black widows, and other spiders in our area that can cause painful bites. These spiders hunt large insects and small animals that don’t tend to be inside your home. If these spiders get into your home, they’re not likely to stay long. It isn’t a suitable environment for them. But be cautious when you go into a void under your deck or porch and when climbing into your crawlspace (if you have one). These are prime spots to find spiders that can hurt you with their bites.

4. Most spiders are reclusive.

Spiders don’t want to hang out with you. They would much rather be in a still attic space, a wall void, or in a quiet corner of your basement. For this reason, you’ll rarely come in contact with them. So even a black widow or brown recluse spider won’t be all that dangerous to you because they tend to avoid areas that are disturbed.

5. You can deter spiders from living with you.

This is the most important fact of all. You can count on one hand all the reasons a spider might want to live with you. It comes down to food, moisture, and harborage. If you understand these factors, you can actually deter spiders from living with you. This will make them less of a danger to you than they already are.

How To Guard Against Spider Dangers

Spiders won’t be nearly as dangerous if you take steps to keep them out of your home. If you’d like assistance with spider control, the team here at Innovative Pest Solutions is always available to help. We can provide targeted spider treatments to get control of spiders or set you up with ongoing perimeter protection to repel and knock down a long list of pests that try to get into Raleigh homes. There is no better way to reduce spiders.

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