Mice are rodents that use their small size to infiltrate homes through tiny openings seeking sources of food, water, or shelter. Most house mice have brown or grey fur and thin tails. Females may generate multiple litters of offspring per year, meaning that relatively minor mouse intrusions can quickly develop into full-blown infestations.

Are you wondering what the quickest way to get rid of mice is? Contacting a professional pest controller is the most effective solution for these concerns. Trained experts know how to get rid of mice quickly and the best strategies regarding how to keep mice and rats away from the premises.

Signs Of Mice Inside Your House

Often, property owners will initially detect types of house mice at night as they rummage through interior walls or crawlspaces. As largely nocturnal creatures, mice commonly remain hidden during the day and emerge under the cover of darkness.

Look for damaged packaging containing dried foods stored in pantries or cupboards resulting from hungry mice climbing around after dark. In many cases, people will encounter dead mice when cleaning behind or below appliances or furniture.

Mice often damage insulation, fabrics, or other materials used for building nests. Foul odors might also emerge as mice spread excrement throughout the property.

Can Mice Inside Make You Sick?

Some of the health risks associated with mice include salmonellosis, tularemia, and leptospirosis. Mice also will contaminate surfaces and food sources once indoors.

Will mice attack you? Mice are generally fearful of humans; however, they will likely try biting when cornered. Keep in mind that mice and other rodents constantly chew on things and could create possible fire hazards by gnawing on electrical wiring inside your home.

Natural Mouse Prevention Tips

Many websites reveal special home remedies for eliminating mice, such as herbs or oils that act as homemade mice repellent. While the majority of these generate very mediocre results, other preventative measures are worthwhile such as the following:

Property owners should consider implementing a comprehensive strategy to prevent mice that limits food and other attractants and physically impedes invasion attempts.

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Mice

Internet retailers and local home improvement stores sell products that feature exaggerated claims of being a “simple and safe” solution for problems with rodents. Many of these baiting stations, snap traps, sticky traps, and other options may contain harsh chemical formulas, are inhumane, or might pose safety concerns among those with small children or household pets. Further, most of the do-it-yourself treatment options prove ineffective against large, developed mice infestations with many mice inside walls or within other hard-to-reach locations.

The team of trained professionals with Innovative Pest Solutions maintains the knowledge and latest treatment options that will eliminate mice from your home. Keep in mind that we strive to operate in a manner that is both eco-friendly and pet-friendly. After reaching out to our experienced team, we will deploy a service professional that will perform an exhaustive inspection of the property and explain the best available treatment options. Contact us today regarding an inspection.

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