If you have a German cockroach infestation, we have bad news for you. It is incredibly difficult to get control of this particular cockroach species. Through the centuries, German cockroaches have adapted to living in man-made structures. Of all the cockroaches that invade human dwellings, they’re the worst. This has led to a serious problem. This is where we are going to start our conversation today.

German Cockroaches Are Super Roaches

In the last century, we’ve tried to exterminate cockroaches with many chemical substances. Cockroaches that have survived these attempts have genetically altered their exoskeletons to make themselves more immune. Worse still, they’ve passed these immunities to their offspring. And no roach species has done this more often than the German cockroach because German cockroaches are the most common structure-infesting cockroaches. Do you see how it works? Sadly, the bad news doesn’t end here.

Cockroaches don’t just have the ability to alter their exoskeletons. They’ve been found to be able to alter their taste receptors too. Studies have shown that there are certain populations of German cockroaches that are no longer attracted to the sugars used in cockroach baits. If these roaches get into your home, you’re going to have even more trouble getting rid of them.

How Do You Stop A Super Roach?

It takes a multi-pronged approach, and unfortunately, it isn’t easy. The strategy for exterminating German cockroaches includes, but is not limited to, the following steps.


It is important to determine where German cockroaches are active. Cleaning these spaces, sucking up cockroaches with a vacuum, and cleaning up feces, skins, and oothecae casings can help you to monitor the success of your cockroach control efforts. Look in humid spaces, voids, cracks, and around appliances.


This step works to stunt population growth and helps with the mitigation of cockroach-related illness. Cockroaches feed on rotting things. When they do, they pick up invisible microorganisms and spread them around. The more you can clean and deep clean in your home, the more control you’ll have over your German cockroach problem.

Food Source Management

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that cockroaches eat the foods you eat. They’ll also eat the foods you eat long after you would consider eating them. Protect food sources to make it more difficult for German cockroaches to find a bite to eat. Here are some suggestions.

  • Clean your dishes as you dirty them, or put dirty dishes in a sink full of soapy water. (Roaches may be able to access dirty dishes in your dishwasher.) This is important to keep in mind.
  • Store pantry products in sealed, plastic containers. German cockroaches can chew through paper and cardboard.
  • Never leave food out on the counter, uncovered.
  • Store your garbage in sealed receptacles and keep the receptacles as clean as possible.
  • Clean your bathroom. German cockroaches feed on hair, dead skin, and feces, among other things.
  • Don’t leave pet food down for long periods, and never leave it out overnight.

Moisture Management

You would be amazed at how much you can impact the life of a German cockroach by managing moisture. It’s tough to do, but it is well worth the effort.

  • Fix leaky showerheads and faucets to prevent droplets of water.
  • Use the fan in your bathroom during showers or baths to avoid condensation on walls and mirrors.
  • Refrain from taking showers before bed. This will allow droplets of water to dry up before nighttime, when cockroaches are active.
  • Address leaky pipes.
  • Keep your dishwasher door sealed when you aren’t loading or unloading it.

Control Products

If you want to achieve complete control of German cockroaches in your Raleigh home, pest control products need to be deployed. These must be properly selected and administered to achieve control. It is also important to use a mixture of products to counteract any natural immunities the German cockroaches in your home may have to certain substances. And, most of all, the treatment process needs to be properly monitored to ensure that activity is completely arrested.


Once your home is free of German cockroaches, it is important to take steps to prevent new roaches from coming in and replacing the roaches you’ve exterminated. This should be a mixture of physical exclusions and routine treatments. Physical exclusions include the replacement of weatherstripping, door sweeps, and screens, and the application of caulking material and expanding foam. Treatments need to be appropriate and residual.

How Innovative Pest Solutions Can Help

Effective german cockroach control requires training and experience. When it comes to the selection and application of control products for the inside and outside of your home, it is best to have a licensed pest management professional handle this task. We have a few of those on staff here at Innovative Pest Solutions and we’d be happy to provide the treatments needed to arrest your infestation and prevent future infestations in Cary, NC. Reach out to us anytime. We’re here to help!