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Termites found in North Raleigh home!

Termites found in North Raleigh home!

Sounds scary but this is not an uncommon occurrence.

termite damageWe inspect many homes in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill markets for termites every week. During our inspections, we will find termites in several of these homes. Typically, we will find termite tubes in the garage, termite damage behind a front porch or garage trim, termite evidence in wood debris, etc. But once in a while we run across houses like this that have major structural and siding damage.

structural termite damageAs you can see from the pictures, these termites have eaten and damaged multiple areas of the siding, trim, and the structure. In the picture of the lower area of the house you can see that the 2″ X 4″ stud wall, bottom plate, rim joist, and sill plate have been damaged. These are structural elements of the house and will have to be replaced to ensure the wall does not sag and/or fail.

large termite shelter tubes in garageIn the garage we find very large termite tubes on the foundation wall going under the finished walls in many places. There was very little damage noted in the garage trim or sheetrock, however on the adjacent exterior wall the siding, window trim, window sill were eaten to the point that it would crumble when touched.

This video gives a better look at the damage that was found

Is Your Home Protected?

Do you have termites like this at your home? Probably not. But if you have not had your home inspected by a pest control professional recently you can see the result of allowing termites access to your home unchecked.

Your home will typically be your largest financial investment you will make. Is your home protected? If you don’t know the answer to that question call today to get a termite inspection performed on your home. Mention that you read this blog and we will perform a free termite inspection.

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