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Apex, NC Pest Control Services

Whether you own a home or business in Apex, you need professional pest control services from Innovative Pest Solutions. We are proud to provide outstanding residential and commercial pest control services to protect people and properties from pests all year long. At Innovative Pest Solutions, we are committed to exceeding your expectations by protecting your home, health, and the environment. Don’t allow pests to invade your Apex property and take away your peace of mind. Instead, contact our skilled professionals today to receive the effective pest control services you deserve.

Residential Pest Control In Apex, NC

Your home is supposed to be somewhere that you can spend quality time with your family and feel relaxed. Unfortunately, pest infestations can threaten the health and safety of you and your family by damaging your property, contaminating your food, destroying personal belongings, and spreading dangerous diseases. Keep your Apex home and family protected from pests of all shapes and sizes by working with Innovative Pest Solutions to implement a residential pest control plan for your property. Our home pest control plans are designed to eliminate existing pest threats and prevent them from occurring again in the future. Give the professionals at Innovative Pest Solutions a call today to learn more about our year-round home pest control plans.

Types Of Stinging Insects In Apex, NC

Macro image of a yellow jacket atop it's nest

Stinging insects are dangerous pests that can inflict painful, venomous stings. Although not all species of stinging insects are aggressive, most species will defend their nests and sting you if they perceive you as a threat. There are about 65 species of social stinging insects within the United States. In our area, some of the most common stinging insects are:

  • Bald-faced hornets: Large insects with black bodies and white patterned faces. They can sting multiple times. 
  • Yellow jackets: A species of wasps known for their aggressive behavior and yellow and black patterned bodies.
  • Paper wasps: These wasps have thin bodies that are mostly brown with some yellow coloration. They get their name from the “paper” nests they create using a paste made from their saliva, plant stems, and deadwood. 

When stinging insects are living in or around your Apex property, it’s important to reach out for professional help. Many species of stinging insects can sting multiple times and are a major threat to individuals who are allergic to stinging insect venom. Protect your home or business from stinging insects and other common pests by reaching out to Innovative Pest Solutions today. We’re happy to help you find the right solution to deal with all of your pest problems.

Are Mice In Your Apex, NC Home?

A mouse is crawling through a pantry and resting on a small pot. A pack of crackers and a bottle of seeds or nuts lie in the background.

Mice are small pests with large, round ears and small, beady eyes. They belong to the rodent family which also includes rats and squirrels. Rodents are characterized by their strong front teeth that never stop growing. Although mice might look small and harmless, these small rodents are known for causing serious problems when they get into Apex properties. Like other rodents, mice can contaminate food items and spread a wide range of disease-causing bacteria, pathogens, and parasites. Some of the diseases mice are capable of spreading include plague, hantavirus, salmonellosis, and leptospirosis. Mice typically invade while searching for sources of food and shelter. Mouse infestations are more common during fall and winter when the weather begins to cool down. Mice prefer to stay out of sight, which is why they are often found hiding in attics, wall voids, and crawlspaces. If mice are living in or around your Apex home, here are a few of the signs you should keep an eye out for:

  • Shredded fabric, paper, and other soft materials used for nesting.
  • Scampering and squeaking noises in your walls, especially at night.
  • Gnaw marks on furniture and structural beams.
  • Strong smells of urine
  • Small, black droppings.

Mice reproduce quickly, which means it doesn’t take long for one or two mice to start a large infestation. If you notice signs of mice or other rodents in your Apex property, don’t hesitate to contact the pest experts here at Innovative Pest Solutions. We’re proud to provide excellent pest control services to keep your home free of pests throughout every season. Turn to Innovative Pest Solutions today for effective residential and commercial pest control options.

Why Every Apex, NC Resident Ought To Consider WDIR Reports

Buying a home is a huge investment. Here in North Carolina, we are susceptible to pest activity that, over time, destroys the structural integrity of buildings. To help safeguard your investment and give you peace of mind, consider a wood-destroying insect inspection and report. 
Innovative Pest Solutions has WDIR accredited inspectors who will carefully survey your home for damages associated with termites and other wood-destroying insects.  Our inspectors carefully evaluate HVAC systems, structural wood, the integrity of electrical and plumbing systems, the soundness of doors and windows, and other elements of a home that impact its safety and overall value. After this thorough inspection, we issue a comprehensive report of our findings within 24 hours. Don’t find out about serious issues after you’ve purchased a home, instead be proactive! Invest in a WDIR report and complete home inspection by partnering with the professionals at Innovate Pest Solutions!