The top 10 ways to reduce mosquitoes in your yard include removing any standing water from your yard, trimming back bushes from your home, and planting mosquito-repelling plants.

Top 10 ways to reduce mosquitoes in your yard:

  • Remove any standing water from your yard.
  • Cut/trim bushes away from home.
  • Cover trash containers and drill holes in the bottom to prevent them from holding water.
  • Remove all dead leaves ( a cupped leaf will hold water for mosquitoes to breed in)
  • Replace water in bird feeders at least twice a week.
  • Clean out gutters to prevent them from holding water.
  • Check your irrigation system to ensure there are no leaks or wet spots.
  • Plant mosquito repelling plants. There are four or five plants that will repel mosquitoes (Catnip. Rosemary, Marigolds, and of course…Mosquito Plants).
  • Light a citronella candle.
  • Invite your neighborhood bats (bats can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes in one hour). Great article on how to build a bat house here.

If you have any questions about our mosquito programs, please give us a call at (919) 847-6267. Our monthly mosquito service, from May to October, begins with a full yard evaluation followed by site-specific treatments in areas where mosquitoes rest and breed. We provide pest control services to all of our Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill residents (Triangle and surrounding areas).

Our program is designed to eliminate resting areas where females live and prepare for a meal (did you know that male mosquitoes do not bite?). By eliminating the areas conducive to female mosquitoes, your experience around your deck, patio, or areas adjacent to your home will dramatically improve.