It is common to find spiders around, and also inside, the structures on your property. You may even notice that there are more spider webs in undisturbed areas, such as in a shed, garage, storage space, or attic. Today, we’re going to give you a quick primer on spider webs and offer up four reasons why you should remove spider webs as soon as you see them.

Removing Spiders Webs Will Increase Curb Appeal

The most obvious reason to remove spider webs is that they’re ugly. When you have large webs on the picture window in the front of your home or in the entryway to your home, they’re unsightly. And if you don’t care what your neighbors think, you may not want them around simply because you don’t like looking at them.

Removing Spider Webs Sends A Signal To Spiders

Many spider species prefer to be in undisturbed locations, as we pointed out above. One reason they like undisturbed locations is that they don’t want to go through all the work of creating a web only to have it destroyed. When you destroy a web, you send a signal to spiders that this is not a good place to build a web. The result is that the spiders will establish their webs in other places. While this won’t prevent new spiders from creating webs in these areas, you’re likely to notice that it is easier to keep an area web-free if you are continually dealing with webs as quickly as possible.

Removing Spider Webs Reduces Spider Populations

Do you know that one web can have hundreds of spiders in it? Not necessarily spiders that are crawling around. But a single web can have an egg sac with hundreds of spiders inside. The American house spider can have as many as 400 eggs in its egg sac. When you remove spider webs that have these paper-like sacs attached, you stop those spiders from hatching. This is an easy and all-natural way to manage spider populations. Be sure to destroy any egg sac you see. Don’t simply throw the webbing and sacs into your trash. Those spiders could emerge before your trash is put to the curb and taken away.

Removing Spider Webs Can Make You More Comfortable

It is no fun to walk through a spider web, particularly if there is a spider on it. This is how bites often happen. It’s also gross to have all that sticky web on you. Have you ever grabbed a rake from the garage and put your hand through a web? Have you ever grabbed a box from storage and got webbing all over you? Even if this wasn’t how spiders often bite, it’s gross. If you remove spider webs, you’ll make your life more comfortable.

How To Remove Spider Webs

There is a tool you can purchase for spider web removal. In most cases, this tool will get the job done. If you have spider webs that are high up, such as underneath your roofline, it helps to attach your spider web removal tool to a long pole. Once you remove the webbing, check for egg sacs and crush them. You can also treat webbing with diatomaceous earth or burn webbing in a fire pit if you have one.

A Few Tips To Help Prevent Spiders From Creating Webs

When you actively remove spider webs, you deter spiders from making webs. But there are also many other tips that can help you prevent spiders from making webs in the first place. Here are a few to consider:

  • Keep lights off at night, or replace exterior white lights with bulbs that cast yellow light. Insects are attracted to light, and spiders eat insects. Yellow lights are a good choice because insects cannot perceive light in the yellow spectrum.
  • Make sure your trash receptacles are free of strong odors and keep your trash in covered containers. Spiders eat flies and other insects that get into trash.
  • Make sure your window and door screens are in good working order. Spiders find their way into the spaces between screens and glass panes. If they can’t get inside this space, they won’t create unsightly webs.
  • Consider investing in a residential pest control program. Routine visits from a technician will help to reduce the pests that spiders eat. Your technician may also remove spider webs on the exterior of your home.

Need Assistance With Spider Control?

If so, reach out to us here at Innovative Pest Solutions. Our residential pest control services give you coverage for a long list of exterior pests, and our technicians knock down spider webs around windows and eaves. We can help you keep your home spider-free all year long.