We get this question all the time “My house is new why should I worry about termites?”

Even though every house in Raleigh, North Carolina is required to be treated for termites during the construction phase, we still find termites on a number of “newer” homes. Termites do not care how old your house is, if it is not protected properly it can and will be attacked. Watch this video to see what we found last week during the termite inspection of a two year old home.

This is not as uncommon as you would think. Most of the termite treatments performed on new homes are done by treating the soil adjacent to and under the homes, creating a “barrier” to prevent termite attack.

There are many things that can go wrong during termite treatments on a new home:

  • Improper materials used (using less than label recommended rates, diluting product)
  • Using cheap or inferior products
  • Rain occurring soon after soil treatments
  • Builder removing or moving dirt after it is treated
  • Builder forgetting to call before porch, garage, or basement slabs are poured

Treating a home for termites during construction is not easy to do. And since this service is done so cheaply, it is rarely done correctly.

Is my Raleigh home protected?

That is a question you need to know the answer to no matter the age of your home or where your home is located (we see termite damage and termite evidence in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and all over the Triangle). If you do not know the answer, have a professional pest control company conduct a thorough termite inspection to make sure you do not have current problems and then get under some type of termite damage protection or termite inspection agreement. Termites cause over $2 billion in damages in the US alone and your homeowner’s insurance will not cover damages caused by termites.

Here at Innovative Pest Solutions, we have several different termite treatment options that are backed by $1,000,000 in damage protection. Call us today for more information at (919) 847-6267 or you can email us at info@innovativepest.com to schedule a thorough termite inspection.

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