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What is a “Termite Booster Treatment”?

Raleigh house with termites

The termite chemical that was used to protect your home from termite damage during the original termite treatment will dissipate and degrade over time. For that reason we feel that to best protect your home, some extra termite booster treatment will be needed. Our “Subterranean Termite Damage Protection Agreements” state that after a certain amount of time (usually eight to ten years) a termite booster treatment will need to be performed in order to keep your house under our termite damage warranty. A booster treatment will usually only consist of trenching and treating around the exterior of your home since the termite chemical under your garage and porch slabs are protected from the rain, sun, erosion, etc and will degrade much slower than the material that is exposed to the elements.

Termite Control Raleigh

Subterranean Termites in Wood

You will be notified at the time of your annual termite inspection when it is time for your booster treatment. We will need your signature for authorization and there will be a cost involved for this treatment. The annual inspection and booster treatment should take less than 2 hours during the booster treatment.

Please note: If your “Subterranean Termite Damage Protection Agreement” is bundled along with a quarterly pest control in one of our 123 Pest Plus or 123 Pest Premium Plus programs, then there will be no extra cost for a booster treatment. It is included in your monthly payments.

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