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What is an “Annual Termite Inspection”?

Raleigh House Termite protected

If your house was treated by Innovative Pest Solutions for termites and put under a “Subterranean Termite Damage Protection Agreement”, then it also came with a one-year termite damage warranty with the option to renew for additional years for a yearly maintenance fee. This agreement also includes an annual termite inspection by one of our trained technicians.

Termite Control Raleigh

If active termite evidence is found in or under your home while under warranty with us, we will do what treatment is necessary in order to eradicate the termites, and any damage caused by this active infestation will be fixed at our cost. We have a $1,000,000 insurance policy to back up our guarantee to you that if your home is re-infested by termites while under agreement with us, we will take care of it.

Subterranean Termites in Wood

Please note the following situations that may void this termite protection agreement:

  • If during the term of our agreement any additions or alterations have been made to the structure that would affect the soil treatment barrier.
  • All areas of the structure were not made readily accessible for proper inspection on a yearly basis.
  • Non-treated wood of the structure is in direct contact with the soil.
  • Wood debris or stored wood is kept inside the crawlspace.
  • Wood members of structure having a high moisture content (over 20%).

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