Centipedes are an occasional home invading pest that is often confused with millipedes. While both of these insects are known for having many legs, they are different in appearance and behavior, which is why you should know how to distinguish them from each other. Here are several ways you can tell these pests apart:

  1. Centipedes have long, flat bodies with a hard exoskeleton. They have between 15 to 173 segments with one pair of legs per segment. On the other hand, millipedes have a worm-like body with two pairs of legs per body segment.
  2. Centipedes also have long antennas, while millipedes have short ones.
  3. Centipedes are also quick predators that hunt and feed on insects, while millipedes are slow scavengers feeding on decaying plant and animal matter.

While centipedes are venomous and can bite, they rarely do and are not dangerous to people and pests. Although they are not dangerous, you still don’t want these occasional invaders inside your Raleigh home.

a house centipede crawling on a wall inside a home

Preventing Centipedes In Raleigh

Centipedes are not a pest that prefers to be indoors. Their preference is for the outside, where they can hide under rocks and soil that keeps them moist. Plus, the insects centipedes prey on can be found outside as well.

However, they sometimes find themselves indoors if:

  1. Your home has an infestation of other insects centipedes can feed on.
  2. Your home provides an escape from the cold.
  3. Your home has a moisture issue.

Using the knowledge of why centipedes enter homes, you can effectively implement these tips to prevent them:

While these prevention tips are helpful, you might want a little extra help to keep these critters out.

Professional Centipede Solutions

For more advice or assistance with centipedes and other occasional home invaders, contacts Innovative Pest Solutions. For the Raleigh, North Carolina area, we offer two pest protection plans to choose from that utilize treatments that are safe for your family and pets. These plans are:

1-2-3 Basic Pest ProtectionTri-annual, exterior treatments

1-2-3 Premium Pest ProtectionTri-annual exterior treatments

We also offer two more plans, 1-2-3 Plus Termite Damage Protection and 1-2-3 Premium Plus Termites. These plans have the added benefit of termite prevention if you are worried about these wood-destroying pests on your Raleigh property. No matter the pest, Innovative Pest Solutions have you covered.

Give us a call today at Innovative Pest Solutions to learn more about the residential pest control services we offer and how we can help you keep your home pest-free.

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