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Mice Control

Mice are secretive, nocturnal creatures that can squeeze their bodies through an area the size of a dime, easily gaining access to your home’s attic, walls, basement, and crawlspace. Scratching noises within the walls are good indicators that you have mice. Much like squirrels, mice gnaw on wires, creating a potential fire hazard. Mice often leave their droppings inside the walls where they nest, on kitchen counters, and in pantries – potentially contaminating food.

Deer mice, often referred to as house mice, are a common pest in the Raleigh/Durham and greater Triangle areas. Their size ranges from 6 to 8 inches in length, including their bi-colored long tail. Adult deer mice are generally tan or brown in color with white fur underneath, and weigh less than an ounce. The fur-less ears and black eyes are notably large.

Rat Control

Rats - Pest control for Apex, Cary, Holly Springs

Black and brown rats are the most commonly reported rat pests in Raleigh/Durham and greater Triangle area. An area the size of a quarter is all the space they need to infest residential or commercial properties. Rats are often found in the basement and/or crawlspaces. They like to burrow in the ground around structures that provide a roof for their nests.

These rodents are also fantastic climbers, entering through chimneys, attics, and walls. When food is scarce, rats find indoor entries, and begin to chew through wires, destroy interior structures, and spread disease. Immediate action must be taken for rodent control because rats have a very short gestation period of three weeks, delivering as many as 14 offspring at a time.

Innovative Pest Solutions can control your rodent problems with a one-time treatment. By leaving bait for the rodents to eat and finding areas to exclude these pests from your home, we can treat your home successfully and keep them from returning.

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