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Raleigh, NC Flea Control & Prevention

Fleas are not only a nuisance to humans and their pets — they can also contribute to skin irritation and flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), as well as serious health problems. Dealing with a flea infestation? Call Innovative Pest Solutions! Our Raleigh, NC flea control team can effectively eliminate this tricky and persistent pest.

The Flea Control Process: Integrated Pest Management

Since a large portion of a flea’s life cycle is not actually spent on the host, simply treating a pet for fleas will not effectively eliminate this pest. To get rid of fleas effectively, it’s necessary to thoroughly treat the entire living environment.

At Innovative Pest Solutions, we utilize an integrated pest management (IPM) approach that involves working with the homeowner to completely eliminate fleas at all stages of development. In addition to industry-leading flea treatments, our Raleigh, NC pest technicians also specialize in flea prevention methods and will provide you with tips to keep your home flea-free all year long.

What can you expect when you call Innovative Pest Solutions for expert flea control? Immediately following flea treatment, you will probably see a large reduction in the flea population. After three weeks, the flea infestation will be completely eliminated — and if not, our Raleigh, NC flea exterminators will re-treat your property at no extra charge!

Get Rid of Fleas — at All Stages of Development!

An existing flea infestation is usually comprised of hundreds, thousands or perhaps millions of fleas at varying stages of development. A general rule of thumb is to assume that in the typical flea infestation, the population consists of 50% eggs, 35% larvae, 10% pupae and 5% adults.

Without appropriate flea treatments, including adulticide and/or growth regulator (IGR), your flea control process won’t provide the complete relief you’re looking for. Good thing you have Innovative Pest Solutions — and our Raleigh, NC flea extermination experts — on your side!

Flea Identification & Life Cycle

Fleas are very tiny wingless insects that feed on living hosts, such as dogs, cats — and even humans. Fleas are usually dark-colored and difficult to see, though scratching pets and flea bites will probably tip you off to an infestation.

Flea Life Cycle - Exterminate


Call Innovative Pest Solutions: Raleigh’s Flea Extermination Experts!

At Innovative Pest Solutions, we offer one-time flea treatments to address and eliminate even the toughest flea infestations. For ongoing flea control, choose our quarterly pest control program! Whichever service plan you choose, you can count on our Raleigh, NC flea exterminators to deliver the finest in effective, affordable flea treatments and prevention services. Call today to schedule your appointment!

Want to learn how to prepare for a Flea Treatment? Check out our PDF!

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