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Fire Ants

Fire ants are becoming a serious problem in North Carolina and throughout the southeastern United States. First introduced by accident into this country in the 1930′s, they have rapidly laid claim to the southern states and do not appear to be going away any time soon. The fire ant is much more aggressive than native ants, and will sting when threatened – a feeling much akin to being burnt (hence the name).

Identifying Fire Ants

Fire ants can be distinguished by their copper brown colored head and body, and slightly darker abdomens. The worker ants vary in size from 2 to 6 mm (polymorphic, meaning differing sizes within the same colony). Colony locations can be identified by the fire ant’s trademark dirt mounds, which are often found in open, sunny areas. Unfortunately, these mounds often go unnoticed until after they’ve been stepped on – generally resulting in a swarm of painful stings.

Fire Ant Control

Fire Ants - Durham's problem - Exterminate!

Fire ants are relatively new to the North Carolina Piedmont, but their powerful stings have rapidly made their presence known. As TopChoice certified professionals, we at Innovative Pest Solutions can handle your invasion with a one-year guaranteed treatment.

Innovative Pest Solutions, Inc. offers a one-year, re-treatment guarantee against fire ants in your yard. This one time service treats your entire yard, and if the fire ants come back, so do we at no additional charge. Please call our offices at (919) 847-6267 for a quote on this service.

Many homeowners make the mistake of applying chemicals only to the visible mounds. The mound is not the location of the entire colony. When this type of treatment is applied, the fire ants will simply relocate and build their mounds in another location.

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