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Centipedes (hundred-leggers) and Millipedes (thousand-leggers) are elongated, long, flat arthropods that can sometimes find their way into your home.

House centipedes are light brown, wispy “bugs” that will be seen in garages, crawlspaces, and can make a frightful appearance in the living area of your home. Centipedes are usually found in dark, wet places but during extreme weather will find their way indoors. Centipedes do not cause any type of damages but can be a nuisance pest.

Millipedes are common in basement areas, carports, and garages. The most common millipede is elongated (1-1 ½”) long, black in color, “crunchy”, and will curl up when dead. This “bug” will usually migrate indoors in large numbers in basement areas during extreme weather.

Innovative Pest Solutions can control these pests typically with a one time pest control treatment. By treating the areas around the exterior, crawlspace, slab areas, and around the doors and windows of your home, millipede and centipede control is just a call away. Call us today for more information about our pest control services.

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