“Where are all these millipedes coming from?!” The short answer is the soil. Garden millipedes prefer cool moist soil, and when the weather conditions are right, they will be happy and content to stay there for several years. But too much rain (or irrigation) will run them out in search of dry areas such as your house. On the other extreme, drought conditions can force them out of the hot dry soil in search of water and a cooler climate. In many cases, this also includes your house.

millipede curled up

The good news is that once inside your house, they will only live a few hours before drying out, curling up, and dying. The bad news is the cringe-inducing crunch they make when unintentionally trod upon.

What can a homeowner do?

Eliminate favored habitats such as heavily mulched shrubbery and flowerbeds, decomposing vegetation such as grass clippings and leaf piles, and entry points such as cracks and openings around foundation areas. Millipedes also seem to favor living under slabs such as patios, sidewalks, walkways, and garages.

If you feel that your millipedes have gotten out of control, give us a call at Innovative Pest Solutions for some help with professional pest control.

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