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Why You Should Only Use Pet-Friendly Pest Control If You Have A Family Pet

Why You Should Only Use Pet-Friendly Pest Control If You Have A Family Pet

Pets are commonly included as family members and as pet owners, we should all consider our pets’ health and safety a priority.  One way in particular to do this is by questioning your current pest control company to ensure their method is pet-friendly. Pets are similar to children in the way their curiosity can lead them to trouble at times, so it is important to have preventative measures in place to keep your pets protected.  

Here are some measures you can take to ensure your pets are safe:

  • Ensure the products used are safe. Most professional pest companies use products with a low concentration level of toxins, which makes them effective for small insects but no threat to people or pets.
  • Contain your pets. It is best to keep furry friends in a kennel, pet carrier, or close them into an area that will not be serviced.  While the products used may be pet-friendly, they need a few hours to dry. Pets such as fish, birds and reptiles require a little more attention.  Their cage should be covered with a blanket or towel to prevent chemicals from getting in.
  • Put away toys, bowls, etc. Any pet-related product should be put away to be sure residue from pest control chemicals do not get on them.  
  • Prevent infestation. Some great ways to prevent an infestation are to keep your home clean by vacuuming carpets, baseboards and furniture with cushions.  Your pet's bedding should be kept clean, and they should be combed and groomed on a regular basis.

Having open communication with your pest control professional is the best way to ensure you’re on the same page when it comes to keeping your pet safe.  They can explain the different treatment options available to you as well as recommend preventative measures you can set in place. At Innovative Pest Solutions, we care about your pets and provide pet-friendly pest solutions. Contact us today!