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Why You Should Have Regular Pest Control

Why You Should Have Regular Pest Control

As the old saying goes: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” We hear that a lot and while it may be true in some instances, it definitely does not apply to pest control. In the world of pests, the more you can do to keep them away, the better. And the best way to do so is with a regular pest control service.

Here are three reasons why it’s important to have a regularly-scheduled pest control service rather than treating when needed:

  1. Keeps bugs away. Prevention is key when it comes to pests. It’s generally better to keep bugs away than to treat an infestation. Most of the time, by the time homeowners notice an issue with pests, the infestation is often widespread. 
  2. Identify problem areas. With regular pest control, you and your technician will have a good baseline for what is normal for the home. Because it’s part of your home maintenance, it will be easy to spot any potential problem areas or changes to the norm.
  3. Stay up to date with specific local issues. Chances are that your pest control professional will keep up with what is affecting the local area in Raleigh. By having regularly-scheduled pest control, they’ll be able to protect the home from these seasonal or once-in-a-blue-moon occurrences before they become big issues.

Just like with our health, prevention is key. By scheduling regular pest control treatments, there’s a good chance you won’t see many bug issues, and if they do arise, they can be treated more quickly. To get started on regular pest control in the Triangle, contact us at Innovative Pest Solutions.