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Why Am I Seeing Stink Bugs in The House?

Why Am I Seeing Stink Bugs in The House?

Ten years ago it would be a little unusual to find stink bugs in the house, though these pests were commonly found in the yard or garden in Raleigh, NC. But in the 1990’s a new species was accidentally introduced into Pennsylvania and the pests have made their way down to North Carolina, popping up in several locations around the Raleigh area. This new species is called the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug and can be identified by the brown-gray coloring on its underside as opposed the yellowish-green color of the native Brown Stink Bug. They are very destructive to crops and prefer to spend their winters inside structures to keep warm, then emerging again in the spring. Stink bugs are not harmful to humans though they have a strong odor when crushed or disturbed. There are many chemicals that can kill stink bugs by direct contact, but chemical treatment will not stop new ones from coming in.

So how can you get rid of stink bugs in the house?

Besides chemical applications, you can instead just pick them up by hand and dip them into a bowl of soapy water or vacuum them with a shop-vac. Please keep in mind that your shop-vac will smell like stink bugs for a long time afterwards. If you use a vacuum it is recommended to freeze the bag before discarding it to make sure they are all dead. If you decide to live release them after capture they will probably make their way back in.

Tips on keeping stink bugs out of your Raleigh house:

    Raleigh stink bug
  • seal and caulk all cracks and crevices of house exterior
  • tight fitting exterior doors and windows
  • install weather-stripping where they are not tight
  • seal around exterior utility openings such as a/c lines, water spigots, piping, and phone and cable lines
  • replace torn window screens
  • replace torn attic gable vent screens

As a local Raleigh pest control company we deal with this Raleigh Pest on a regular basis. If you need some advice or help with your Raleigh pest control, don’t forget that we are a solution to all your pest needs!