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When Do Mosquitos Come Back and How Do I Control Them?

When Do Mosquitos Come Back and How Do I Control Them?

North Carolina’s mosquito season usually begins when warmer weather approaches around April.  Mosquitos will linger around until October or until we experience colder weather.  Mosquitos breed rapidly in our area, leading to a higher population of these annoying pests.  Enjoying your outdoor space in the Raleigh area can be difficult if you are invaded by mosquitos.

3 steps to control the mosquito population in your yard:

  • Reduce Standing Water:  Female mosquitos lay their eggs in pools of standing water.  Reducing the amount of standing water around the home will reduce the number of breeding areas and in turn reduce the population of mosquitos.  Water can stand in a number of places.  Removing standing water from flower pots and clogged gutters is a good place to start.  Bird baths and small fish ponds can also be a breeding ground. Many people will add a water feature to their fish ponds such as a waterfall to create circulation.  Moving water helps to reduce the population of larvae in the water as well. Many companies offer deterrents that can be placed in these areas to reduce the number of mosquitos.
  • Treat Standing Water That Cannot Be Removed:  There are some areas of standing water that cannot be eliminated.  Examples of those are ponds and runoff drains that may be located on the property.  Mosquitos love to feed on algae that lives in these areas.  Eliminating the food source will decrease the number of pests.
  • Mosquito Repellant:  Reducing the number of mosquitos is key; however, treatment may be the answer.  There are many safe ways to eliminate mosquitos from your yard. Many of the products used today can eliminate mosquitos on contact and keep them away for up to 3 weeks depending on weather conditions.  Consider contacting a qualified pest company to treat your yard.

Give us a call at Innovative Pest Solutions in Raleigh to talk about controlling the mosquito population in your yard and schedule your appointment.