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What You Need To Know About Ticks

What You Need To Know About Ticks

Now that it’s warmer, pests are multiplying and wanting to share our outside spaces. One of these pests are ticks - those little bloodsuckers that seem to get everywhere, especially in North Carolina. 

Here are four points you should know about ticks:

  1. Ticks cause irritation. It’s kind of their job. Ticks are looking for blood, so they attach themselves to people and pets and, well…they do their vampire thing. This causes skin to become irritated and itchy.  
  2. They carry many diseases. A quick glance at the CDC site will have many people thoroughly paranoid at the types of diseases that can come from ticks. These differ from species to species, and regionally. Some can cause long-term effects to the health of people and pets. 
  3. Pets can carry them inside. Pets tend to pick up ticks while playing outside and rolling around in the grass. It’s easy for ticks to hop onto animals and hide in their fur. Ticks can go unnoticed and then spread throughout a home. Even if your pet has tick protection, it’s a good idea to check him often to make sure they’re not suffering from bites or are bringing ticks into the home. 
  4. They can be controlled. Even though they’re tiny and hard to see, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of ticks. Applying a tick control medication to pets, using bug spray when you’ll be outside (especially in wooded areas) and spraying your yard for ticks can go a long way in reducing any issues. 

Ticks are a part of life here in the South. There’s even a country song about it, so you know it’s a real issue. But it doesn’t have to stop the outdoor living we love to enjoy. Simple precautions can have your backyard parties in full swing with no fear of ticks ruining the day. Let us know if you’d like an estimate on tick services with Innovative Pest Solutions in Raleigh.