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What Should You Do If You See A Wasps Nest?

What Should You Do If You See A Wasps Nest?

The weather is warming up in Raleigh. With warm weather comes an increase in wasps too! 

Our team at Innovative Pest Solutions gets calls to come help with bees when they are really wasps. All wasps build nests from wood fibers scraped with their hard mandibles and chewed into a pulp. These nests can be dangerous and hurt your family if a pest control company in Raleigh doesn’t help. 

Two key sets of tips we share with our Raleigh pest control customers on how to remove a nest if you find one are:

How NOT to remove a wasp nest:

•    Burning It: The thin, papery substance that nests are made of is extremely flammable.  It could lead to your property catching fire or you suffering from burns.  It also would lead to the wasps that aren’t killed becoming violent and more apt to attack. 

•    Spraying It with Water: Flooding a wasp nest with water could lead to water damage to your home, depending on the location.  The water will not get rid of all of the wasps in the hive, and instead may make them become vicious instead. 

•    Knocking It Down: Knocking a nest down will only put you at direct risk of being stung, even multiple times.  This is especially dangerous to those who may be allergic to wasp stings.

How TO remove a wasp nest:

If you find a wasp nest, it is highly recommended to contact a pest control specialist to help instead of trying to take matters into your own hands. Pest control experts are trained to handle and remove nests in a safe and efficient manner by using safety equipment, expert knowledge and professional grade products. 

If you are starting to notice wasps around your home or business, take a moment to contact our team at Innovative Pest Solutions.  We can help locate wasp nests and remove them for you without putting yourself in harms way.