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What Is This Insect?

What Is This Insect?

Raleigh is home to hundreds and hundreds of different insect species, many of which will make you take a step back and say “What is that?!” Every day, we and other entomology professionals receive photos from homeowners intrigued or concerned about the identity of a particular insect . . . and rightfully so! Many insects in the Raleigh area are pests of agricultural crops, households, and stored grains. Some are even serious disease carriers. So, what should you do if you find a concerning insect?

Internet Searches

We’ve all been there. We use online search tools and find conflicting, perhaps frightening results. Online resources are often incorrect and frequently misidentify insects. For example, news articles about bed bugs often mistakenly feature pictures of beetles. We’ve also seen articles about maggots with pictures of beetle grubs instead. Identifying insects isn’t easy, so we can’t blame journalists for choosing an incorrect photo, especially when many insects look similar to the untrained eye. That doesn’t help, however, when you’ve found an insect in your home and are nervously searching online to determine if it’s a bed bug. If you must use the internet, stick to .edu sites. The entomology departments of many universities produce extension articles about many of the most commonly searched insects. For the most relevant information for the Raleigh-area, stick to universities close by. 

This Blog!

Search the archive of this blog for information about many local insects. Every blog post is vetted by either a board-certified entomologist or entomology Ph.D. Really! 

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