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What are Stink Bugs and How To Prevent Them

What are Stink Bugs and How To Prevent Them

Stink bugs are a common pest in North Carolina and were introduced to the United States in the mid 1990’s.  More than forty states have identified as having a presence of stink bugs; however, they are most common in the Mid Atlantic region.  Stink bugs are large oval shaped insects.  They get their name from the odor they produce.  The odor is used as a defense against predators.  These pests can become a real issue if they invade your home. 

6 steps to help prevent an infestation of stink bugs in your home:

  • Repair Damaged Screens On Windows and Doors:  Stink bugs can enter the home through very small openings.  Make sure your screens do not have rips and tears and your doors and windows should be tight fitting with proper weather stripping.


  • Seal and Caulk:  Sealing breaks in mortar around the home can also block their access. It is important to complete regular maintenance on the property to ensure that easy access points are closed.  Also seal around exterior utility openings, exterior water faucets, pipes, phone and cable lines.


  • Landscape The Area Around Your Home:  Make sure to store firewood at least 20 feet away from your home.  Stink bugs are known for “bedding” in stacks of firewood.  In addition, keep bushes and plants trimmed away from the home. 


  • Turn Off Outdoor Lights:  Stink bugs are attracted to lights.  Keeping outside lights off or at least to a minimum can help prevent these pests.


  • Excess Moisture Inside The Home:  Stink bugs are drawn to moisture.  Take time in your maintenance schedule to repair any leaky faucets.


  • Hire A Professional :  Bring in a professional to treat the perimeter of your home. 



Pests of any kind, including stink bugs can pose a huge problem if they find their way into your home.  Innovative Pest Solutions is here to help.  Give us a call today!